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It must be that we are natural,” says Charlotte while taking a drink in a giant margarita. “This drink is quite top,” says Alex while watching the pochard of mexican beer stuck tip in the lemon ice cream. The question is: How do you analyze the success of the children of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Paul Caniggia?. The answer that occurs to you is that: “We are spontaneous; we do not hide anything”.

It is true: the brothers Caniggia live with a naturally bullet-proof. The best style of Ricardo Fort, Alexander Caniggia photograph among dollars, showing his tattoos and gold watches in the social networks. But there is a difference: “I’m high”, it is defined Alex whenever he can. Far from the criticism, generated thousands of “likes” on the social networks. “We could use a good Ferrari: garpa always for the photos”, he proposes to Charlotte before starting the production in the dairy Muu of Puerto Madero. Is that the daughter of Mariana Nannis loves cars of high range.

The same thing that her brother, who, in his days in Marbella, take advantage of the fleet of cars de luxe of the Bird Caniggia –one of the living legends of the argentina team– and ride to the places most top of the Costa del Sol. What are their favorite brands? “It depends on. My dad has a lot: Mercedes, Porsche, Hummer, Jaguar…,” lists the male of the pair of twins. What tastes more “earthy”? Clear. Now, while testing a milkshake, Charlotte down to the plain: “Every time I have more customs here: when I leave the bowling alley I nail a choripán in the carts along the Costanera highway. Until the europeans do that: you’re not going to stick a champagne, or caviar at six in the morning. With the passage of time, we are more argentine”. How do you drop the chori Alexander? “… More or less. I prefer a burger. An empanada able to, but is not the very top. Eye, are tastes. But I always lived outside, I’m more european then I like most foods of this continent. What about the roast? And…”, takes away the tattooed. And so continues the talk:


–Do you speaking of customs, how would a weekend of family Caniggia in Marbella?
Alex: We all gathered –my younger brother Axel (hyperrealist painter)–, we took the yacht and we’re going to navigate. We can go to Tarifa, one of the white sandy beaches most beautiful of the area.

–What marian prepares a viandita for lunch?
A: No, the boat staff is waiting for you with everything! We’re going for tapas, as is customary there. We are all the day on board, and by the evening we have dinner in Puerto Banus, the place most top Mediterranean.

–In the’ 90, his mother was the precursor of the botineras. Today, the most representative is Wanda Nara. Do you think that could be the successor?
Charlotte: I like it Wanda, the bank. Now, it is not like my old: mom is very top for comparison. Like, drop me a barbarian.
A: My mom is more high society, another level.
Ch: Each one has its own style in life. I have no problem with Wanda: is a goddess of evil and made re good. But my old is another thing.

–Would you like to marry a footballer, as he did her?
Ch: it Can be, although some are half-pirates. I was with Juan Iturbe, who is now in Rome. We met but didn’t, there was no feeling. We were very good wave. He talks to Me sometimes, but it was not for me.

–And what about you, Alex, you have a preferred style of woman?
A: Now I’m single, having fun. To go out with one has to be very fine. I like that is on my social level.

–Do not you see with any of the girls of the telly or theatre journal?
–Vedettes are not: I like them more stylized. More fine. Nor do I know many in Argentina, but they have to be high.

–Surely, the woman’s most desired of the country is Pampita. ¿Would you go out with her?
–No. It is bigger than me and has children. I don’t think that is a woman for me. I am for anything else.

THE CLAN CANIGGIA. Charlotte Chantal and Alexander Dimitri, the twins Caniggia, was born on February 15, 1993 in Buenos Aires. To 45 days of life, began a journey that took them around the world, accompanying the football career of his father. Rome. Benfica. Buenos Aires. Bergamo. London (picked that city as an alternative to Scotland). Doha. Again London. Also lived in Miami, but for pleasure. Nine cities and seven countries. For those places they went, until they were installed in the mansion of Marbella, where we now live, very near the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean. That explains some of the weird accent of Alexander and his eccentric habits.


When we do a part in the production of photography, Alex hits the streets of Puerto Madero and a group of guys surrounding it, asks for selfies and he poses doing the V for victory, “like a Rolling Stone”. “Always at top”, he repeats, “the people want us”. Not to mention Charlotte today, which is the tank’s most watched national television. Every time she appears, the rating goes up. And, each time she was sentenced by the jury of Dancing by a dream, became unbeatable. “At this height, don’t lower anything, Sis (so called to his sister, with the diminutive form of sister). I see you winning”, encourages it. “I am very happy this year. I’m content with getting to the end”, she says, that got the best score on the last pace, the zumba. On the weekends, the brothers Caniggia take advantage of his fame and traveled the country doing appearances at clubs and events. “We love working in the Interior; the people are very cool”, they make the guys 44DK Representations.

Last Saturday, they closed together a parade in the Chaco. The previous visited Cordoba and Charlotte took the opportunity to stay in the clinic The Diquecito, La Calera. “I was very bad back. With that test I don’t need a gym or surgery,” says the media of 23 years, that when he is not traveling, is installed in the Spa Elan, Puerto Madero: “That is one of my pleasures”.

–After both airport, what to put in the form of Migration when they fill the box which says “Profession”?
Ch: I put “Artist”.
Alex: “Public figure”.

–Where do they point their careers?
Ch: I want to be large in mine, have a great career and after yes, having a life like my mother, enjoy. Luckily, I have work in Europe and here, and I was in two realities and, as soon as I finished, they called me from Dancing. There pay better, but here we are more celebrities.
A: I’m in Hollywood. My big point of reference is Brad Pitt. That is my mirror. I have a lot of faith and I don’t care what other people say. I know that one day I will get there.

–Would you like to act in Argentina?
–Yes, of course. Like, now I’m more with the music, recording, touring studies. That is what I do also in Spain. What kind of artist am I? As I see it: from high!

–On this visit he sees them more responsible. Do you keep alone?
A: Yes, but there is always the extension of the old. “Hey, dad… I Want to buy this”. And he says: “Well, dale”.
Ch: We have some parents very generous; they help us a lot in everything they can. Always have them when we need a council. For most that live far away, are very present.

–How to analyze the couple of their parents after over two decades together?
Ch: it Is a long time. When you choose your partner happens to be your friend, your partner, not just a husband. I imagine raising a family like theirs, and with a husband for life.
–And you?
A: And… today things changed. That no longer exists: the people’s house, and separates the month. Before it was all different. I see myself free, as I am now.

–Does being the son of Claudio Paul Caniggia, did you feel pressure to follow in his footsteps as a footballer?
–By then, yes… In that sense I felt pressured, because all you compare, say… And you have to be the crack that it was him. “Eh… oh, Look, how was playing your old!”. The same thing happens to the children of Maradona or Batistuta. It is difficult to compete with people that came to so high. And well, you can not all.

–Do you like football?
–Yes, yes. I am a fan of Real Madrid. Marbella is close to the capital and I always travel to see the games.

–You have more near Malaga.
–Yes, but it is more cute to go to see real Madrid. It’s always at the top!

–And you, Charlotte, if you had followed the steps of your mother…
–It would be a housewife. She ensures that the family will not miss out on anything. We are like old friends: we’re going to the pelu, we travelled, we chatted a lot… And I suggest a lot. It is a madrassa.

–Can you imagine how your life would be if you had been born into a family of middle class or poor?
Ch: it Is difficult. I believe in the destiny of each person. God put each one in a different place, and we played it. But if you happen to me, the would row. There are many jobs more fun.
A: No, don’t! Can’t imagine it even, because it is something that has not happened. It’s impossible! It’s not going to happen ever. We always in the high: there is no chance of anything else.
Ch: What a bastard that sos, Chicken (N. of the R: so you call your brother)!

–What do you say that there is a chance that Mariana will spend all of it?
To: ¡Not a chance! She is very intelligent, a great investment for the money that my father did in his career. People talk a lot without knowing, but that happens because they have nothing to say.
Ch: Well, dad is still working. Is dedicated to the sale of football players. Not that it was sitting in the house. And mom is provocative: he was having fun with that picture he took. Like, my brother is a bastard.

By Julián Zocchi. Photos: Maximiliano Vernazza.


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