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Sure you’re sick of hearing talk about the website positioning, it is more, it is likely that you will already know that in order to achieve to achieve it, there are a large number of strategies at SEO local, oriented towards a certain area. With them you will gain visibility and you’ll be able to appear on the first page of the search engines.

If this gets your attention, it is likely that you will surprised over the fact of knowing that local management has gained vital importance in the online trading is concerned. In this way, 73% of the Google search is related to the calling local business. For these purposes, you will be of the utmost importance to optimize your website locally.

Then you line by line, the 10 steps that will make you reach your target:

1. Performs an audit of the web site to a website positioning solid

To do this, we must have the support of a company of SEO and submitting performance-in-situ evaluation to learn how it operates, your positioning. The web site, the more structured and ordered it is, the better it will work. Aims to use the best keywords in the title, as well as meta descriptions related to your pages, Alt text in your images and a useful map of the site.

2nd. Clean the NAP of the web site

The known as information NAP (name, address, and phone number), it has become a cornerstone in usability is concerned. This type of information acts as an indicator, very reliable for the local authority of your site.

3rd. In the third-party web sites, cleanses the NAP

Google checks with other authorities online and get information on local businesses. Make sure your information NAP is as accurate and coherent as possible in relation to these points of interaction.

4th. Claimed to your business profiles more local

At first you must improve all the possible local inputs. After this, it adds images, videos, or ratings to local profile on Google Plus.

5th. Prepares social profiles

If you haven’t been given for doing so, now is the time. You must link the social profiles at the same time that you make sure you have the name of your business or brand, along with the more complete contact information.

6th. Set a proper content strategy

You need to be aware that a content consistent and interesting , it is necessary for the optimization online. Publish a minimum of 2 times per week on topics about which you want to get to know and evaluate.

7th. Drafts local content

With this you will get Page Rank. Write down as much generic content related to your business, such as messages with a local orientation that includes key words geographical.

8th. Generate links from external sources

As external links are essential to improve the organic search results.

9th. Encourages the reviews local of your customers

Whenever you can, keep your local customers to leave positive comments about their experiences. Encouraged by your presence or oriéntalos in the direction that suits you.

10. Participate with your followers, and collaborators

Show yourself active with your community, and advocates for greater support to your leads. Your business will gain greater attention, commitment, and visibility.


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