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'I cry very often' - The-Century Durango 1 Kate del Castillo has opened the eyes and he has found, he says, has not always been good things. (AGENCIES)

In the past two years, Kate del Castillo has opened the eyes and he has found, he says, has not always been good things. And is that in 730 days the actress has gone from laughter to sadness.

«I cry very often», you agree to the mexican artist, who on the 15th of July 2015 on the red carpet of the Awards Platinum made in Marbella, Spain. Just five days before the catwalk in the luxurious paradise of summer, Joaquin «El Chapo» Guzman had escaped from the Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation Number 1 Altiplano.

That topic, that day, was constant in his conversations because of the letter he had written to the drug dealer asking that traficara with the good. The questions about «El Chapo», she replied always with a laugh during that carpet held at the foot of the Mediterranean.

Two years later (plus a meeting with Guzmán Loera, more of a judicial process, more tequila, more a series with Netflix) Kate comes to the Awards-Platinum, choose the best ibero-american film, and in which he will deliver an award.

Among other things, in these two years, Kate has not been able to return to Mexico. «But when you get back, the first thing I’m going to eat are a few taquitos al pastor», he says while opens the mouth and moves the tongue as if was when indulged already.

But in addition to the tortillas, in their memory of these two years there are other images of your professional and personal life. In an exercise of nostalgia (and anger when the «Chapo») Of the Castle agrees to go through some of those episodes from photographs.

Kate look at the first image and brightens the face. Is she with Lupillo Rivera in the realization of the video that launched his brand of tequila, a project that finishes off as she would like.

«Some day I’m going to market in Mexico (now you only get in the united States), but we need to grow more and make the production bigger.»

The second photo also makes you smile: «It’s my dad!», he exclaims. It is, indeed, Eric’s Castle to receive the Doctor Honoris Causa of the Institute of Mexicans Leaders of Excellence. Goes from joy to appreciation.

«It was a big thing for my dad. Them (also see your mom in the photo) are my life, I poor, have not gone well!», it says to refer to these two years in which they have always defended the innocence of his daughter on the accusation of the attorney-general’s OFFICE, which investigated under the charge of being an accomplice to money laundering for his meeting with «El Chapo».

The third image serves to clarify that it is not particularly vain. It is one that you shared on Instagram the day it is subjected to a treatment to reduce fat. «It’s like heat that you put in the places that you want to lose. I say that I can do anything to see me better except surgery. The truth I’m not that vain».

Her with the presidential sash and being embraced by the president of Mexico. That is the following image, taken from Unruly, the series distributed Netflix, and in which he plays the First Lady of mexico.

«It was the first time that this character appears in a of fiction. I think that it is a series in which we had to talk about real problems. Although it is a fiction, it is also an obligation to speak about these political issues. We made it very easy because, without doing politics, we touched the issues that hurt us the mexicans.»

The fifth image is that of the recapture of «El Chapo» Guzman last year. Input, not causes comments to Kate del Castillo.

«It’s just a picture of when I caught them».

→ What changed in your life the appearance and disappearance of Joaquín Guzmán Loera?

What changes were there? None.

→ But involved a process that made you not to go back to Mexico…

Yes, but has nothing to do with the appearance or disappearance of «El Chapo», has to do with what I went to see.

→ And that has led to not be able to return to Mexico…

No. My process is already finished. I can go back to Mexico when you want.

→ When will be that?

When you want to go. Now I don’t feel like. My parents have just come, so I don’t have nothing to go to Mexico. I don’t have work there, nothing.

The last picture is of Kate del Castillo’s sad. This is a photo she also shared herself on her Instagram. He says he does not remember why she was so sad that in general tends to cry a lot and for many things.

«It makes Me sad to see how beat up animals, it makes me sad injustice, seeing so much poverty… The news about all I get too bad. You see that are terrible, and you realize that this is humanity, humanity is well ugly: we hurt our planet, to our environment, to ourselves. That makes me very sad».

Maybe that’s why, when you define your life in these two years since that time in Marbella until today in Madrid, his face is nothing but sad when he says: «it Has been like an awakening, an eye-opening… and what I have found has not always been good».


‘The actresses must avoid falling into the sexualisation’

Convinced not to interpret roles that are sexualized, the mexican artist Kate del Castillo stated that now the actresses have the obligation to care for their characters and refuse to this trend.

Castle said that «being a woman, (and) Latin, in the united States, is very strong, there is a lot of stereotype, have this idea that the Latin woman is the lush, buenota, and it is difficult to find characters not sexualized».

«I think also as a woman, in this era, one has the obligation of caring for their characters, and say: ‘no, not here not going’, unless it is a case of a character with a personality,» he said.

«Don’t you realize you are sexualizando to the characters all the time, then we already have double work women actresses», he stressed.


→ Kate del Castillo Kate


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