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Take the great leap into the digital world involves modifications transcendental for your business because it requires adaptation and updating constants. Once this is accomplished the SEO Positioning and the hand of a good campaign E-mail Marketing, it is time to venture into the ever-changing Social Media Marketing.

The Social media Marketing encompasses all the strategies, techniques and activities that have the objective of promoting a brand, company, product, service or organization within the social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or any other that go in tune with the needs and objectives of your company.

But why is it important that our initiative makes use of social networks? In this regard, Alejandro Daniel Jose, director of the Digital Marketing agency MKT in Buenos Aires (Argentina), explains that the tools of Social Media facilitate the connection between the brand and the target audience.

“It’s about achieving a level of interaction much more personal with our potential customer, more dynamic, more in tune with our reality. The important thing is to tailor each social network to the particularities and needs of our company, in order to improve the image, to achieve a greater positioning, disclose information more quickly, among many other benefits,” says the specialist.


We must adapt to each social network because each one works different, and to be precise in terms of what we publish

To break down these advantages that offers us the Marketing in Social Networks, he was emphatic in pointing out that helps us to optimize the image of the brand, company or organization, and to gain popularity, as being a means by which people enter constantly, there will be a greater closeness.

Similarly, he contends that by employing a good strategy, we certainly have a greater amount of visits, which will expand the brand’s visibility and, accordingly, there will be an increased traffic to our website.

Also, the conversion rate grows, which in a nutshell means to be carried out more easily new business and is a way of responding to the big question: ¿how to sell more? “A brand that manages to interact with the user it makes them feel more important and close”.

In his opinion, to have an effective tactic is also an excellent way to gather information about our target audience, which in turn can help us a lot with the campaigns of E-mail Marketing

Three tips to make us notice

We have already said in other opportunities this is not to publish any content or to “collapse” each and every one of existing social networks with our presence. This would imply efforts and unnecessary expenses, and in addition, its effectiveness would be doubtful.

Our strategy of Online Marketing must be intelligent. We must adapt to each social network because each one works different, and to be precise in terms of what we publish. To do this we offer three tips that will surely serve.

  • Provides relevant content: you must avoid the spam messages and the content that does not have importance for the achievement of your goals. This is to capture the attention positively to improve the reputation of your company. Publish content that serve something, that is interesting, that offers solutions.
  • Take advantage of trends and statistics: many social networks, like Twitter or Instagram, they work on the basis of trends that come and go in line with the present and the interests of influential people. Seeks to take advantage of this, without falling into opportunism. In the same way, don’t hesitate to use the tools that offers the web in terms of usage statistics of the networks. You should know, for example, what days and what time is most beneficial to publish in Facebook or in what area of your country there is a greater use of social networks.
  • Generates expectation: to be gaining experience, you can design a plan that allows you to generate new trends, but first you must awaken a certain expectation, a certain level of intrigue in the users. To do this you could publish contest and sweepstakes online or organize events, digital or face-to-face.
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Anderson Castro

Anderson Castro


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