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Ms read these lines, there arises a new type of digital work. And perhaps also a new school of business digital, specializing in jobs such as SEO, data analysis or cyber-security. Centers as Inesdi, ISDI, and EDIT help to workers who are already active, and others that will be, to adapt to the fast-paced online world, and the technologies of information and communication technology (ICT).

Usually, the teachers are professionals of the sector, because they are the ones who know best about the latest developments of the discipline in question. It is the case of Inesdi Digital Business School: “Are SEO or digital manager of companies such as Adidas, Iberia, Sanitas. Explain how to make a digital strategy or a marketing plan with real cases”, points out its academic director, Ana Sanchez-Blanco.

The profile of the student is usually someone that is already working, treintañero. “People who studied marketing or advertising, and have to be digitized, but also come from engineers,” he says. The courses Inesdi are face-to-face in Madrid and Barcelona, six hours a week, and also virtual. In addition, all the weeks offer open classes online for all the world, registered or not. Then, the students make a project real, “that is as they learn more”, they said.

Predict from data

The training that the market demands has evolved. “At first they were looking for more experts in digital marketing or community managers, and now are interested in a more technical profile, to the analysis of data, or positioning in search engines. Everything leaves a trace, and there is much information that is unused, such as where it comes from the user visiting a page. The idea is to predict how many customers will abandon, and so on,” says Sanchez-White.

Is what he’s studying the analytics of graphs: relationships and transactions between different accounts of a bank to predict the risk that a client is going to start from the data of someone close that has gone on already. It is the example that puts Juan Corro, director’s academic area of engineering of U-tad (University Centre of Technology and Digital Art), which is not a business school exclusively.

“We do very technical and very practical in all of the disciplines that requires the digital business: from engineers to artists, designers…”, he explains. Their training allows, for example, to create websites or video games, such as Rolling BOB, created at U-tad to the console PS4. Or the app Mencanta, to find discounts in the purchase of handbags. “If the projects of the students take flight, going to a phase of entrepreneurship. It is the most authentic way of doing it”, he says.

In this case only have in-person courses, with a cost of about € 7,000 a postgraduate degree (half a year) and about € 10,000 the master’s programme (one year). The school has seven years of life and the demand of the enterprises “each time is greater, also, in part, by the economic recovery.”

The idea of these centers is “to transform practitioners of the TWENTIETH century professionals TWENTY-first century, have to unlearn many things”, sums up Nacho de Pinedo, ceo of ISDI (Higher Institute for Internet Development), with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, Boston and Silicon Valley (USA), and courses with face-to-face, online and mixed.

Price: $ 22,000 for a master’s degree in international business face-to-face, and 8,000 per your online version, with the professor live in most of the occasions. Among the teachers stand out Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, president of the school and ex-director general of Google Spain; Steve Cadigan, exresponsable of human resources of Linkedin, or Gary Briggs, director of marketing of Facebook. “Every year we change the 40% of the content of the courses,” says De Pinedo.

The students of the school are either professionals who want to retrain, or who already work in the Internet, but want to have a more global vision. There are also entrepreneurs who are riding or want to create their company.

Face-to-face and virtual

The schools also prepare tailor-made courses to companies, that are held or within the same company or in the facilities of the school. Sometimes, it is required that the course is online, says Arturo de las Heras, director general of the Center for Financial Studies (CEF). “Especially those related to the upgrade policy in several areas, as the profile type of the student of these programs —for working professionals— need maximum flexibility to combine your training needs with their work responsibilities. The online programs also allow you to eliminate geographical barriers, time and the other type, and are therefore the favorites of people who live far from the big cities,” he says. Among the courses most in demand in the CEF is the of e-marketing, to define strategies of communication through the Network.

The user is the protagonist

The digital strategies revolve ever more around the user. What says Clara Santaolaya, pedagogical director and operations EDIT, the school specialized in marketing, web design and development. “Any discipline that allows us to know what you think about our user, what needs it has and how it interacts with our product has become crucial for brands”.

A master’s degree in the EDIT costs 2,800 euros and their guardians work in large agencies, such as McCann, Ogilvy or Saatchi & Saatchi, or in other smaller but “pioneers” in digital innovation, as Redbility, Socialmood, The Pantry or Pixel and Pixel.

In addition to the schools specialized in the digital sector, the classic business are creating specific branches, as is the case of Esnedi, out of the School of Business and Management.


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