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700 kilometres of Marbella Segovia went flying to the template of the Exercise. The third round of the Copa del Rey on the team to the elite of our football team, to the many provinces can only be accessed by television. Twenty-one of the 50 that make up Spain do not have a team in LaLiga (or Santander or 1/2/3). A deal that makes our territory a sort of a doughnut in which the hole would be Madrid. A map portraying the lines of economic of Spain.

“There are two Spains: one urban and european, and a Spain inside and empty,” writes Sergio del Molino in Spain empty: Journey through a country that never was. Do not speak of football, its 292 pages are a fine essay on the sociological, but bird’s eye view of the landscape home with the which offers our football. Madrid is the province with the most teams in First and Second, with six: Real Madrid, Atletico, Getafe, Leganes, Rayo and Alcorcon. Until there comes the cry for Isco in the Spain-Italy, the runrún for that Wanda Metropolitan where it already grows the grass, the echo that leaves the anthem of the Champions league… But in the provinces that form the belt, the football LaLiga is absent. Rotate clockwise: Segovia, Guadalajara, Cuenca, Toledo, and Avila. And if we open the hula hoop, more of the same. Only Soria, Numanciaand Valladolid, with the club that bears his name, and relieve the drought of football elite that does affect Ciudad Real, Badajoz, Cáceres, Salamanca, Zamora, Palencia and Burgos.

LaLiga portrays economic lines of Spain - AS Mexico 1

It is a simple map, the portrait of the sport king, but a drawing that coincides with the beating economic of our country. Because, according to the Gross domestic Product per capita in 2016 (data from the National Institute of Statistics), the Community of Madrid leads the ranking with 32.723 euros ahead of the Basque Country (31.805), interestingly the two that hold the record of teams in the First thanks to Real Madrid, Athletic, Getafe, Leganés, Real Sociedad, Athletic, Eibar and Alavés. If we reverse the table, we see Extremadura (16.369) last or Castilla-La Mancha (18.591) fourth by the end.

“And, however, the Spain of urban cannot be understood without the empty”, pointing to The Mill in his book. You have reason. Because of that football that is not cover in the web of the UEFA feed many big clubs. With gamers of the caliber of Saul (Elche) or Asensio (Balearic islands), the fruit of provinces today without club in LaLiga; with fans of a thousand and one rocks; with teams like the Gymnastics with which we opened this text, and which encourage the Copa del Rey. Or Formentera, Lleida, spain, Calahorra and Local (joy double in The Rioja), Elche and Hercules (again toast to duplicate in Alicante), and Talavera, all of them in happy hours after qualifying for the third round of the tournament of the KO. This is the home of all. The Spain that is not empty.

The situation in the other major leagues.

ENGLAND. London is the capital. Is there life beyond London? Yes, but in what football is concerned, that is the swarm of England. Is there and in the area of Manchester and Liverpool where there are clubs who play in the Premier and Championship. In 2017-18 there are five teams from London in the top tier: Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Crystal Palace and West Ham. And four in the Second Division: Queens Park Rangers, Brentford, Fulham and Millwall. The Swansea, in the Premier league, and Cardiff City in the Championship, clubs are located more to the West, while Sunderland, who last season went down, mark the reference to the north before arriving to the lands of Scotland.

GERMANY. Kassel marks the center. One take a look at the map of Germany and discovers a huge gap right there in your heart. There is no football elite, it seems to be. Kassel (Hesse) or Göttingen (Lower Saxony) are two of the places of weight that mark the central axis. If one lives there, right in the ‘green lung’, and want to enjoy live matches of the Bundesliga, you have to travel north up to Hannover, to the East to Leipzig, to the south of Munich and West Frankfurt. Identical distribution was seen in the Bundesliga 2, in which the geographic north it marks the Holstein Kiel. Berlin, the capital, has two teams in the two highest categories of German football: Hertha (Bundesliga) and Union (Bundesliga 2).

FRANCE. Lille stretch to Belgium. Paris only has two teams, but one of them is going the way of enforced six: Neymar and Mbappé put the ribbon bow red to a gift that you must know how to manage Unai Emery. In the shadow of the PSG is the Paris FC, which plays in the Ligue 2. It is one of the 20 clubs competing in the second category, where the south of France has hardly any weight in the 2017-18. Nimes is its referent more prominent, although in the central part of the country, of Clermont-Ferrand down, not boot the ball. In the Ligue 1, the pattern repeats itself, with the absence of teams in the central zone. The Toulouse assumed the basement and the Lille rooftop, with its stadium, a mere 20 kilometres from the border with Belgium.

ITALY. Abruzzo mark the line. Abruzzo marked a kind of border between north and south. This mountain chain is the imaginary center of the field in this derby that play the North and the South of Italy… and not only in football. In the case of the Series To 2017-18, it is the North which expires as only four clubs are listed below in Rome: Benevento, Naples, Crotone and Cagliari, as in Sardinia. Two teams have Milan (Inter and Milan), two other Turin (Juventus and Torino), Genoa (Sampdoria and Genoa) or Verona (Hellas and Chievo) for over-populate footballing the north of the country. While, in Series B, the football elite itself has a representative in the island of Sicily, thanks to the Palermo


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