The week concludes was a bit busy – The Sudcaliforniano (press Release)

The week concludes was a bit busy for the governor, CARLOS MENDOZA DAVIS since he was in Peace, in Loreto and in the City of Mexico, and, in addition, led the meeting of the National Conference of Governors, at which was present the secretary of Education, federal, AURELIO NUÑO MÁYER, who conducted a tour of work by this capital city. In Peace, the representative state took delivery of educational works and urban. On Tuesday 24, the head of the state Executive gave a field child of soccer and a roof on the elementary school Venustiano Carranza and, then and there, announced that the investment in sports infrastructure in various educational institutions of this city is the capital of 35.7 billion pesos. By the afternoon of that day, MENDOZA DAVIS gave works of urban infrastructure with an investment of 16.4 billion pesos, consisting of a park in colonia Diana Laura as part of the programme’s actions to Live in Peace and also a street paved with hydraulic concrete in that populous area of the city.



The next day, he traveled to the ancient Capital of the Californias, Loreto, where he took objection to the commissions children’s Human Rights, in a ceremony that was accompanied by his wife, GABRIELA VELÁZQUEZ MENDOZA; president of the State Commission of Human Rights, WILD TUFF CAMACHO and the mayor loretana, ARELY ARCE PERALTA. “We fight for the better future that we want for our children and young people, and that we can not conceive if we do not first live in peace and absolute harmony,” said the governor. From there, he traveled directly to the City of Mexico to be present at the act of the publication of the decree that creates the National Council for the Agenda 2030 for the Sustainable Development act which was spearheaded by the president of the Republic, ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO… In the week also concluded the hearings of the leading contributors to the governor CARLOS MENDOZA DAVIS on the occasion of the first report of government, the Finance secretary, ISIDRO JORDAN MOYRÓN and the holder of the office of the Comptroller, SILVIA MURILLO MANRÍQUEZ, were held accountable before the members of the Plenary of the XIV Legislature, local…



He also called attention to the rebellion that gave the interior of the town hall of the XV century town Hall of The Peace in which the main protagonist was the secretary general ISIDRO IBARRA MORALES. This day will meet in an extraordinary session the members of the Council to analyze, discuss, and in your case to agree on the performance and status of the secretary-general, as proposed in point number two of the order of the day. This change is made after a group of trustees accuse IBARRA MORALES of trying to promote the company’s so-called Group of Comprehensive Collection and Recycling West, SA de C. V., a reason for which the selectmen have requested her dismissal… The secretary of Public Education of the Federal Government, AURELIO NUÑO MAYER, presented to local authorities, headed by governor CARLOS MENDOZA DAVIS, teachers, students and parents the New Educational Model, whose pedagogical approach is based on the premise that, beyond the simple memorization, the children must learn to learn, to generate hypotheses, to distinguish what is important and what is not in order that to acquire the tools to continue learning throughout life and to be able to address the new dynamics that generate the rapid changes in technology. This model also allows to include in the curriculum the skills socio-emotional children learn to know themselves, to work in a team, to be confident, public speaking and studying English, he added.



The event, which took place in well-known convention centre located by the exit to Pichilingue, which was initially scheduled Regional Meeting Northwest Area to which they would come the governors of the 5 entities that ultimately did not attend for reasons of agenda, and, therefore, postponed the meeting to next Thursday, may 4,… “We are in a period of transformation and all alike we are committed to fostering a true positive change in our environment”, stated the president of the State System DIF, GABRIELA VELÁZQUEZ DE MENDOZA, to make the opening of the Third International Congress called More Human Cities, which is organized by the citizen observatory on “How to Let The Peace”, which took place in the Teatro Juarez to the capital city of the state. Accompanied by the director-general of How to Let The Peace, Citizen Observatory, LUCIA FRAUSTO GUERRERO and director of operations of the same, Ruth Ramírez Sánchez, the president said that the participation of the society is critical to achieving live in peace and in a better future, for all those who inhabit our state have the responsibility to contribute to the welfare of society…



By the way, yesterday the distinguished political scientist mexican DENISE DRESSER gave a lecture within the activities of the citizen observatory How will We be Peace, addressed issues of today and said that it is necessary to change the system of government to end corruption… BCS becomes the second state with the highest number of political parties, only surpassed by the state of Coahuila, after the State Institute Election grant the registration as a political party local to Baja California Sur Consistent. The general council of the said electoral body determined that that makes it some of the time was a civil association to comply with the requirements, established by the IEE in BCS and will be starting in the month of July when this new political party local shall have all rights and obligations. YHASSIR GARCIA PANTOJA is the representative of the new political party…



The Renewal Party Sudcaliforniana (PRS) held the decision of the deputy EDA PALACIOS MÁRQUEZ, belonging to the parlia-of this party sudcaliforniano, with respect to the application of resources by the National Fund for Natural Disasters (Fonden), to be destined to the reforestation of the Estuary of San Jose del Cabo, after the fire rekindled in this icon natural de Baja California Sur. The leader of the PRS, PILAR EDUARDO CARBALLO RUIZ, stated that the proposed EDA PALACIOS MÁRQUEZ is a necessary measure to compensate for the damage that the accident caused in the area of the Estuary… The federal deputy for Baja California Sur, HERMINIO CORRAL ESTRADA, condemned the acts in which ANDRÉS MANUEL LÓPEZ OBRADOR has again become involved by means of the mp of Morena, EVA CHAIN, where was evidenced by means of another video that the legislator received the award on behalf of the president of that party the amount of ten thousand dollars in cash. Delved that causes anger to see that ANDRÉS MANUEL LÓPEZ OBRADOR has a lot to do in these operations, because in the video there is evidence that the representative of Brown it was clear to make the commitment to discuss with your leader the offering of five million pesos for their campaign activities…



MARY OF the SUN RUMAYOR SILLER, director general of the Business Development Programs at the National Institute of the Entrepreneur, Inadem, presented in this capital city, the rules of operation to the calls of the National Fund for Entrepreneur of the year 2017. Accompanied by the delegate from the federal ministry of Economy in Baja California Sur, AURELIO ORTIZ ZAMBRANO, the owner of the Inadem pointed out that the fund that is allocated for this year at the national level is 3,700 million pesos, which will be targeted at entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises… DIALOGUES CITY: Los Cabos is a municipality that by its geography is not benefited with abundant streams of water, so that the TWELFTH Administration and the Federal Government, through the Secretariat of Agrarian Development, Territorial and Urban, made delivery of filters and water purifiers to families of different colonies as a result of the efforts of the municipal president , ARTURO DE LA ROSA ESCALANTE to federal authorities as part of the integral project of improvement of the quality of life of citizens. To make delivery of the benefits is carried out two acts: the first of them was developed in the colonia Vista Hermosa, and, subsequently, in the Sports Unit of Cabo San Lucas, where we counted with the presence of JOSÉ ALBERTO HERNÁNDEZ PÉREZ, delegate of the Sedatu; the member of parliament local MARÍA GUADALUPE SALDAÑA CISNEROS; JOSÉ ROBLES SAHAGUN, director-general of Social Development of the municipality and VIANEY NUNEZ DE LA ROSA, president of the Municipal DIF as well as municipal public servants and state…



“The payment of the scholarship is a help to me and my parents to buy school supplies, and printing and material of nursing. I have since high school about 7 years with the support, I appreciate this scholarship to study and move forward in my professional life”, said PERLA AVILÉS, student of Nursing at the university Unipaz after receive your benefit in the interior of the municipal palace in San Jose del Cabo. The event was headed by the adviser to municipal, VICTOR MANUEL LIZARRAGA PERAZA, who went with the representation of the municipal president , ARTURO DE LA ROSA ESCALANTE



In the framework of the Day of the Child, the president of the Municipal DIF, MARBELLA ROBLES PELAYO, celebrated the boys and girls of the health Center of Child Development (ACFID) with a nice festival where the kids enjoyed big time. The director of the CADI, LORENA MEDRANO, welcomed the president of DIF, lady MARBELLA ROBLES PELAYO, accompanied by her daughter MISHEL PELAYO, who lived with the children, while the clown “Toby” they organized dancing, games, children’s games and dance competitions receiving gifts the winners, in addition to bouncy houses.


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