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The first thing is that you may be getting many unique visitors to your website, people who are not going to return to your page ever again (70% in many occasions do not become), then you lost the opportunity to turn it in your client. The email list is the way to communicate with them directly.

The people I mentioned social networks, but these serve as a channel of communication, in addition, there are many cases in which a social network such as Facebook, blocking the profile or someone steals your account and you lose customers and followers.

In the next post I quote the advantages of starting to build your email list with tools like the Lead Magnet, Pop-up and a Landing Page to capture the emails of your visitors and then convert them into your customers or readers.

 Advantages of the e-Mail List

  • Direct communication with the client: you can be well positioned in Google, and tomorrow, Google changes its algorithm and you lose your positioning, so with the email list you can return to bring the web traffic to your web page.
  • Sale of products and services. If you have an e-commerce you can send your offers and products, if you have a blog send your post recent.
  • Increase the ROI. For every dollar invested we have an ROI of $40 dollars
  • Boost your sales. Let’s cite an example: you have a list of 1000 potential customers, who gave their post a voluntary basis (very important that it is the client that you provide your email), of which 100 (10% rate conversion) buy your product, then when you have a list with 2000, 200 people buy your product.
  • Testing your product or service. Asking your customers if they like product A or B, you can create the product that the customer wants and avoid errors.

Lead Magnet

It is a free resource that we offer to the visitors of our website to change your email. The same can be a Guide in PDF, check list, the first unit of a course, etc

The benefit to the owner of the website is that you get the email from the visitor and receives the free resource, already with the mail, we started to build our email list. To carry out the strategy of the Lead Magnet, we can use the Pop-Up and a Landing Page.

What is a Pop-Up?

Anglicism that refers to the advertising format which consists of the appearance of a window that emerges by accessing a web page or any content of this. -Direct Marketing.

Why should I have a Pop-Up?

For the case that we are interested in the Pop-Up we will use it to capture the emails of visitors to our website and grow our list of subscribers. It is recommended that the Pop-up afternoon at least 45 seconds to appear, so that the client does not see it as something annoying or confused thinking that it is another page. The Pop-Up should be responsive thinking that a large part of our visitors are visiting from mobile devices.

Landing Page

It is a web page that a person arrives after clicking on the link of a guide, a portal or a banner or text ad located on another website or internet portal. -Wikipedia.

This page has the goal of converting visitors into leads.

Having a Landing Page can bring us many benefits to our website, among them we can mention:

  • Increases conversions: if we have a website selling clothes for men and we want to highlight one product in particular, we can put a Landing Page that talks about that new shirt of the season, the customer clicks on it and leads you to the sales page of that product in specific.
  • Increase the number of subscribers: that is the main subject of this post, like the Pop-Up Landing Page can serve to capture the emails of the customers, offering the customer a gift to get the email, name or phone number of the visitor.
  • To achieve specific objectives: the Landing Page can have many purposes according to the objectives that we want to achieve, for example if we have a new e-book, if you want to test a product, if you want to know the opinion of our customers, among others.
  • A/B testing: in this way we can create multiple Landing Pages and measure which one is more effective, can be to achieve the same objective but with different words and approaches, with the objective of comparing.
  • Help to SEO: when you highlight a keyword in the Landing Page, it serves to position the word in the search engines such as Google.

To conclude the Email List or Subscriber List is important to our strategy of digital marketing and for any entrepreneur, with the list we are building up our customer database, we identified our Buyer Person , we decrease the cost of campaigns because the more subscribers we’re less dependent on Google or any social network, with this I do not mean that Google and the social networks are not important, only that we cost you less in the long run to invest in positioning and advertising.

Ivan Piniella.


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