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Georgia lives these days a lively discussion after your maximum leader and religious personality more respected in the country, the patriarch Elijah II, abogara by restoring the monarchy in this parliamentary republic of the Caucasus.

The prime minister of georgia, Guiorgui Kvirikashvili, called it «interesting» to the suggestion of the patriarch, but he warned that this kind of changes tend to bring «decades».

«You have to discuss the matter in broad circles of the society, because this requires a universal consensus. We should not hurry,» said the head of the Government.

If Georgia chooses to retrieve the monarchy, which was abolished two centuries ago, the main pretender to the throne will be Guiorgui Bagrationi, a child of five years old, born in Madrid, where she currently resides.

The idea of restoring the monarchy in the country has seized the minds and speeches of politicians and experts georgians since a week ago it was suggested by the maximum hierarch of the Orthodox Church.

During the Sunday mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Tbilisi, Elias II pointed out that in the contemporary world «there are many monarchs who reign but do not govern» and that «peace of mind» to their countries.

«We have to analyze who we were, who we are now and what we want to be tomorrow. We have to remember that Georgia was one of the monarchies oldest,» insisted the patriarch of georgia.

The next day, Elijah II took the initiative with the head of the Georgian parliament, Irakli Kobijadze, who pointed out after the debate on the return of the monarchy is a long-term project that should be initiated «when the conditions are appropriate».

For his part, the mp Eka Beselia was proposed to hold in the future a plebiscite to choose the form of government.

Meanwhile, the vice-president of the Georgian parliament, Gueorgi Volski, recalled that the constitutional monarchy has been «a viable option for many european countries, such as Uk, Denmark, Sweden, Spain or Belgium,» and might also work in Georgia.

However, he said that is not yet the time for this kind of reform, because the society is not prepared.

A decade ago, the orthodox patriarch has already proposed to discuss the return of the monarchy, abolished in 1801, after the annexation of Georgia by the Russian Empire, but the initiative did not prosper.

According to the expert in constitutional law Vajtang Dzabiradze, «hardly the idea of the patriarch is what Georgia needs.»

«It is not the monarchy which contributes to the stability, but few institutions of government that function well, and that is what we lack,» said Dzabiradze to Efe.

Coincided with he the deputy opposition leader, Salome Samadashvili, who said that Georgia can not afford to afford to pay for a monarchy.

«The authorities have begun to talk about the subject to divert attention from the current problems,» he says.

After the abolition of the monarchy of georgia, the heirs to the throne of the country caucasian of the dynasty of the Bagrationi lived mainly in Spain and Russia.

In 1942, a congress of associations of Georgian migrants held in Rome chose as the heir to the throne of Georgia prince Irakli Bagrationi.

Shortly after, following the death of his wife, Italian countess Maria Antonietta Pasquini, Irakli Bagrationi moved to Spain with his young son, Jorge, and in 1946, married in second marriage with the infanta Maria de las Mercedes de Baviera y Borbón, niece of the king Alfonso XIII.

After his death in 1977, his son, Jorge Bagrationi, Spanish pilot of Formula 1, he became head official of the royal Georgian family.

Jorge lived practically all his life in Spain but two years before his death in 2008, left Marbella to move to Georgia.

Had four children from two marriages: the princes Irakli, David and Hugo (Guram, in Georgian), and the princess Mary, all of Spanish nationality.

In 2009, held in Georgia a «royal wedding», the prince David Bagrationi, and Mujrani, with Anna Mujraneli, a representative of another of the branches of the Imperial Family of Bagrationi.

The couple had a son, Gueorgi, who was born in 2011 in Madrid and was baptized two years later in Georgia by the patriarch Elijah II, and is considered by the monarchists as the legitimate heir to the throne.

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