The story of the ‘girl snake’; value and altruism to the entire test –

In India, the doctors did not want to touch it if it was contagious. «When he came here dr. Carlos de Sola took her in his arms to get her in the car. That gesture meant a lot to her. Helped him to feel good,» explains Sanjay Pandey, the indian journalist who reported the case of Shalini Yadav, «girl snake», the world in its digital newspaper «Newsline». He was the first who reported his situation of marginality in a small village in the district of Chhatarpur in the center of India, from where it took 14 hours of train to get to New Delhi and ten hours of plane, next to the hostess Vanesa Gil, to finish in Spain.


After five months waiting for the processing of the passport by the slowness of the bureaucracy of the asian country, the «girl with skin of snake» is just arriving on the Costa del Sol for the kiss on the cheek in the dermatologist Enrique Herrera you started to give a new life of normalcy. «Now, I have no pain,» he explains to ABC Shalini, this Friday began the treatment that will free up the scales of your skin, after 18 years of living underground for much of the day in a barrel of water to keep your body hydrated and alleviate the pain that causes stiffness of the skin.

According to the diagnosis of the International Medical Academy (IMA), the young woman suffers a «ichthyosis lamellar». «You can only be cured with genetic engineering, so we focus on reducing their effects,» says Enrique Herrera, who is the coordinator of the group of specialists who treat ailments of the young in different hospitals of Marbella and Malaga. «Suffers an alteration in the gene that encodes the skin. It produces a keratinization in scales that can be normalized at 90 percent with a pill. In a contribution of a molecule that regulates this process», says Herrera. The skin needs to stay hydrates, so that the treatment carries a number of creams to improve the rigidity of the body. The aim is to make your skin «look and pink with flaking almost unnoticeable in about two months.»

«The girl came to be three days, but we’re going to extend your stay to two weeks,» says Miguel Angel Arraiz, president of the IMA. Shalini gets more pathologies, not only the own skin. «They’re going to try, at least, 15 medical specialists. The majority in the Clinical Hospital of Málaga, and in the Humanline of Puerto Banus, but there will be more private clinics have to visit,» says Arraiz. «The girl snake», as it became known to the world because, due to his illness, shedding its skin every 45 days and leaves for shirts similar to those of the reptiles, has a clinical picture that is a challenge for doctors.

You can’t close your eyes
Their eyes are always open. You can’t close them, so that a plastic surgeon will make contributions to skin on the eyelids. «With the creams their eyes have improved,» says Sanjay Pandey. The diagnosis speaks of suffering rickets. «They are vegetarians and each day we cook with their parents and give them intake of vitamins to improve this aspect», notes the specialist in gastrointestinal Carlos de Sola. «You have problems in the joints, arising from the stiffness of the skin and lack of mobility, but there’s nothing that can’t be saved with medication and any surgical intervention,» points out Enrique Herrera.

In the background is the gratitude of Shalini for all that you are doing for her. «It is a philanthropic work, which depends on a number of benefactors,» says Maria Angeles Rabadán, director of the project. The «girl snake» thanks to all. From the hindu community of Marbella, which deals with food and pay a teacher of chess for the young —has learned to play these days on the Costa del Sol— the Pharmaceutical Industry Cantabria that will be charged with the expense of the medication you need for life.

«There are good doctors in India, but they refused to treat her because she was poor,» says Sanjay Pandey, who has narrated her ordeal to the world and sees it as a group of Spanish doctors has come together to save Shalini. The history of marginalization and poverty will also end. The entrepreneur of valencia and Juan Francisco Martinez, a leading provider meat from Mercadona, has not only paid the expenses of the journey of the girl to the Costa del Sol to be treated, but that is going to give him a lifetime pension to make your life easier when you return to your wooden house in the central village of India where he was born 18 years ago.


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