The wife sanjuanina the Spanish prisoner gave the face to the press … – Channel 13 San Juan TV (Registration)

Although the journalist of Diario de Cuyo Carla Coppari had spoken with Canal 13 San Juan TV, asked not to expose his face and respect his requirement, when you agreed to make the disclaimer on behalf of her husband, former councillor of Marbella Carlos Fernandez Gamez, wanted in Spain for a megacausa of corruption. The same that ended up paying sentence for Isabel Pantoja.

Fernández Gámez called Carlos Hernandez in San Juan and took more than a decade based in the province, where he opened a company called Europe Coaching, which assisted recognized political leaders, businessmen and athletes. Until Friday the 15th of September fell arrested by the Federal Police in his home in Rivadavia.

It was then recently when it transpired publicly that Hernandez called Fernandez Gamez and that weighed heavily upon him an order of international capture by Interpol. Time after the federal judge Leopoldo Rago Gallo denied release and ordered him to the prison of Chimbas, where she continues to be hosted by these days, pending his extradition to Spain, where he was from.

Coppari not only agreed to speak with the newspaper el Mundo, in Madrid, but also for the first time put the face next to that of her husband. The note made by the journalist Javier Negre (black bread) is reproduced below:

The wife sanjuanina the Spanish prisoner gave the face to the press ... - Channel 13 San Juan TV (Registration) 1

Carla Copari (40 years) had a happy life, and passed unnoticed until the early hours of Friday last week when her husband was arrested by the police in argentina at their home in the city of San Juan. Is the wife of Carlos Fernandez, the former councillor of the Marbella town Hall investigated for the case of Malaya it has been eleven years fugitive from Justice. Interestingly the argentine authorities, you were just as their crimes may be prescribed. The journalist breaks his silence on LOC to defend the innocence of her husband who qualifies «as the love of his life». You are hurt because the press is trying to «worse» to «a terrorist of ETA».Carla, the daughter of a mechanical engineer and a professor of Latin, was a model when she met Fernandez in the argentine city of San Juan in 2007. Carlos had arrived there in June of 2006 after leaving Spain, once he learned that I was going to be arrested in the second phase of the Operation Malaya. The former councillor, who was one of the urdidores of the motion of no confidence that unseated Julián Muñoz mayor of Marbella, told the judge that personaría before him voluntarily to collaborate once completed the Camino de Santiago. It was an excuse to gain time and to embark on a flight which has lasted eleven years. It was in Lion and instead of going down to Marbella, crossed the border with Portugal, flew into Lisbon and was planted in the airport of Buenos Aires. From there it would move to the municipality of San Juan, where he would Coppari. The crush was instant and they began to live together. «I am with Carlos from minute zero because I fell in love with from the first minute of Carlos. Are a person fun, smart, and here he has been able to find a family because to good people good things happen. Is a loving father,» says Coppari. To her or even cared that Fernandez was pursued by Justice in Spain and accused of the crimes of embezzlement, malfeasance and bribery. She trusted his word that he had not stolen money from the coffers of Marbella or who had received envelopes with black money advisor of Urban planning, Juan Antonio Roca, who was the one who was responsible for the bite of the builders. «It has not been proven that had been stolen and I wish I had because we would have another house, we would have traveled more… We have led a humble life, it is not true nothing that has been told… that if Carlos took scampi in restaurants. We have had to listen to the lies while we were comiéndonos a dish of lentils. We have a simple house and I do up the curtains, and I paint pictures», he says. The couple was married under civil law in 2008, and despite the fact that Fernandez was theoretically in search and capture decided to hold the wedding in San Juan with the presence of his parents and his brother, who traveled from Spain. «My mother-in-law brought the departure of original birth and his brother Toni was a witness of the wedding. Not falsified their documents as has been said. Here in Argentina Carlos is Carlos Fernández, neighbors you know well, the parents of the school as well. He has moved with his official passport and my children have his last name. Neither has it been hidden. We have gone to events at the Mcdonald’s on Sundays with the kids…,» said Coppari.THE FAMILY OF CARLOSLas law enforcement authorities in spain, although they were supposedly looking for him, declined to make a follow-up to their family. Nor ‘ s phone was tapped or monitored in their continuing travel to Argentina, something you have done to find other fugitives. The Police in argentina said that the runaway had been done up to 15 aesthetic touches to justify his delay of eleven years in finding a person who had even a portrait. «A person after 12 years, changed a bit, have more wrinkles, more fat, but Carlos has not been operated. You just need to put a couple of photos to see the before and the after. It is the same face. It is also false that has been protected by an arabian sheik or has been moved with a passport-irish,» says Coppari.Fernandez, who has had two children with Coppari, even rode a coaching company and went up their therapies to Youtube. «It has gone very well. He had customers at all hours, and has advised a mayor. With his charisma has managed to reach where I have not been able to», explains the journalist.Fernandez developed this professional activity without hiding despite the fact that theoretically he was in search and capture by Interpol and posing in social events in the city of San Juan. Images that came to circulate on the Internet. – How is it possible that her husband had not been located before?-I don’t know.-Do you think that had a pact with the Spanish police to leave in peace in exchange of information?-I prefer not to comment on anything about his situation. What desmiento is that it was stopped because in the photos that went out of him with the face covered and in which it appears with handcuffs, not him. Those pants are not yours and I know because I am the one who bought him the clothes. His brother and lawyer, Antonio Fernandez, also insists that the ex-councillor gave for expediting the process to declare prescribed their causes. While the Spanish Justice, analyzes their causes (an already declared it to be prescribed this Thursday), Fernandez waits in a prison of San Juan. «It is not a site that is dreadful. The mattress that you have is better than the one that has my daughter in my house». – Do you come to live in Marbella if you is free?-I will go where he wants… if he tells me to go under a bridge there I will go.

(Source: Diario El Mundo)


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