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After the death of four soldiers on the beach Marbella in Magdalena del Mar, the cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani questioned the Army for having left the group adrift and the authorities for their indifference.

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“Gentlemen, you can’t play with the lives of a few soldiers without having the minimum protocol, is there not some buoys in case of emergencies?, isn’t there a bunch of ropes so that they can exit in case someone is lost? It is not a question of we are going to investigate. You can not play with the life of the people,” said the cardinal in a statement.

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In another moment, the cardinal sent the condolences to the families. “*My condolences to their families* all the affection and prayers for them that are not already”, he said.

A number of hypotheses have been worked with concerning the fact: from all this was a punishment until the young guys get in the water to take a selfie.

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