Isabel Pantoja, a prophet in his land (Video) – Critical

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Isabel Pantoja, a prophet in his land (Video)

Isabel Pantoja, a prophet in his land (Video) - Critical 1

Isabel Pantoja sang back in Seville after four years, two of them serving a jail sentence, and in the andalusian city that was born nearly 61 years.

Sunday, 25 June, 2017 03:15 PM

Isabel Pantoja, a prophet in his land (Video) - Critical 2


Video: EFE

Video: EFE

Seville / EFE

Isabel Pantoja sang back in Seville after four years, two of them serving a jail sentence, and in the andalusian city that was born nearly 61 years ago, was acclaimed during the three hour concert, he played themes from his new album and classics. Was a prophet in his own land.

Accompanied by an orchestra of 83 musicians led by Carlos Checa, the current queen of the copla has not stopped receiving praise from a devoted audience, mostly female and of advanced age.

In some classic songs, the audience sang the lyrics while Pantoja, with a dress pale pink and bright, moving through the stage and the orchestra did the rest. «We’re going to roll,» said the artist before those songs, and liaba.Sang to love in several versions: torn, optimistic, receptive, unfaithful. He reiterated his love for Seville, was «happy» to return to sing in his city after four years and the wizards will celebrated with cries of «Isabel, Isabel» and the other one with great success: «Ay, Ay, Ay, Pantoja it is what it is».He dedicated the song that gives title to their new album, «Until you turn off the sun», to his mother, his children and grandchildren, some present in the first row of the Olympic Stadium of Seville, where the tickets cost 220 euros, with the extra of the right to two hours of open bar.It was undoubtedly the connection of the seville with the public on a warm night, with temperatures around 30 degrees, although no details were given of attendees, or tickets sold. She danced four sevillanas, already dressed in a flamenco costume and accompanied by a flamenco of Jerez, some of them with images of the virgin Macarena projected on the screen of the stage, before which bowed devoutly.Asked Pantoja to the audience to accompany a theme with the mobile switched on-modern version of the lighters in concerts some years ago, and the public, delivered, lit. In reality, many do not turn off ever, because they recorded the performance to the full.After the 28 of October last extinguished his penalty of two years in prison for money laundering, which met in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville), Pantoja reappeared on 12 February this year in Madrid with his new album, written, composed and produced by mexican Juan Gabriel, who died almost a year ago.He congratulated all the juanes for his name day, and did so especially with Juan Gabriel, «my buddy», that «we are watching from up there», showed itself to be safe Pantoja while pointed to the sky.When he rested to change the first dress for a bata de cola, she sang «green Eyes» and other songs famous. Before he had dealt with classical themes in short version and mixed, and «Sailor of lights» did not cause the delirium is expected.Some of the songs seemed to be aimed at her former partner Julián Muñoz, mayor of Marbella, during which the relationship occurred in the money laundering for which he was convicted.Pantoja filled the stage, with their name written in lights above the choir, and that was in one of the corners of the stadium, and from the first moment, his comings and goings, adorned steps flamingos, rose to the respectable of their seats on numerous occasions.He concluded his performance with animated themes and bailones, even with a theme, a rapper, and his last theme was for the virgin of the Dew.»Proud to be born here,» he said by way of conclusion the artist.After the concert in Seville, the upcoming appointments of Pantoja to the public, will be in the plaza de toros, Murcia, spain, July 7, after which it will travel to Miami, where it will act on the 13th of October and two days after at San Juan de Puerto Rico. After return to Spain, with a concert planned for the 28th of October in Bilbao. Manuel Rus..

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