Initiate payment of compensation to the next of kin beach Marbella … – The Popular

June 13, 2017 5:00 am.

The Army began to make the payment of compensation equivalent to S/62.370 (15.4 ITU) to the relatives of the soldiers who died on the beach Marbella (Magdalena del Mar), during a workout, the last Friday 2 of June.

According to general Javier Cam, director of information of the Army, the families of Bryan Lizana Chavez, Percy Gabriel Galvez Partner, and Miguel Angel Leon Lamas, already received the money for life insurance.

Just stay pending the payment to the bereaved of Edison Huangal Alvarado due to intestate succession that has not yet been resolved.

On the other hand, the family received the first grant posthumous of a’s/1900’s. This payment shall be granted monthly to the families for 30 years.


In the meantime, the families of the military ask for speed in the investigations. In this regard, Cam pointed out that the greatest Alexis Kliford Rey Sanchez, at the helm of the group of soldiers who trained in Marbella, is still hospitalized in the Military Hospital.