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Engineer geographic: went out with friends and not return home

San Marcos. – The young engineer’s geographical disappeared when he went out with his three friends to a restaurant to see the last game played by the peruvian team of football against Venezuela.

The incident occurred in the district of San Miguel, supposedly the young out of the game at the 7:30 hour of the night, when it ended the first half of the match.

After leaving to see the meeting of the party, Shirley did not return anymore to his home on the side of your family.

The only ones who returned with his family were his three friends that were with the woman; although both young men refused to the authority have been with her; both gave different statements.

Young people are contradicted in the version of the facts; one of them said to have jumped in a taxi to take her to her home, but a they have not said under what conditions would or would as it happened.

Young people flocked to the beach Marbella on the Costa verde (Green coast of San Miguel, to take a dip when suddenly the young man was dragged by a wave of fierce, and he died, supposedly it is the second version given by those involved.

The engineer confided in their friends, but they do not give any reason whatsoever of what actually happened with this girl, Where is your body? What were the causes which prevented him from returning to his home? Why young people do not say what happened? They thought the worst to the best both plotted to drogarla, harm and fade your body.

So many questions will make your family and there is no response of what is actually step with the young woman.

Still continuing the research with the three young men, in addition to came to the place where, according to them, “The girl died”.

However, the lawyer of the family of the victim relates that Joseph Velasquez Fernandez; Édgar Well Velarde and Bryan Arenas is Alive; (friends of the young) have entered into contradictions during their manifestation in the Dirincri. Hence the diligence of today would give more lights to the researchers.

Together with the representative of the Public Ministry, NPP and numerous experts specialized, young people today toured the beach Marbella, explaining to the authorities how it is that came to the water next to the victim.

The Police found the clothes and the cell phone of the engineer geographical Shirley Villanueva Rivera, disappeared last Thursday in the Green Coast of San Miguel.

According to the mother, the agents in a have not ceased to see the garments of femininity; nor anything mentioned in your report.

“What did the clothes of my daughter to San Marcos?; why the were there, I still think that my daughter killed her these three,” said the mother of Shirley, Norma Rivera.

The three are complicit in its disappearance, of lying to the authority; does not clarify what really happened to the girl, where he was buried his body.

Shirley Villanueva Rivera came out to enjoy a party with which he believed his friends; but he did not know the young man that would be the last time they would see their parents again.

Villanueva Rivera was heading to his death without imagine what their friends intended to do with it; only they returned alive to their homes, are now enjoying health and well-being; while she does not appear, and neither does your body.

The young woman was a graduate of the University of San Marcos; his search continued by land and sea with the help of coast guard and police rescue.


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