Indurain bless Mikel Landa – AS Colombia

Miguel Indurain led a march cyclist by Collserola as a warm-up to their participation in the triathlon that Banco Santander will host this Sunday on the beach of the Marbella Barcelona in which the cyclist navarro will lead a team that will compete against other two that will be led by distance runner Martín Fiz and the swimmer Mireia Belmonte. The navarro took the opportunity to assess the time of the cycling current after the withdrawal of Alberto Contador and showed confidence in Landa as the emerging figure.

The five-times winner of the Tour continues to have a flawless look and that it recognizes that “only I ride a bike six months of the year, when it is hot, cold is not leaving me, and I also put on a special regime for exit. Sometimes I go out in the morning, other days in the afternoon, sometimes I go out alone and others in groups that I’m finding down the road. The advantage of Pamplona is that at a time you have gone out of the city and you can do two good hours of cycling. The rest of the year I don’t do anything of sport, as I know that is not recommended, but I already did what I could in my time.”

Facing the triathlon on Sunday, Miguel Indurain have a clear “entry, let’s go out and regulate, because it almost does not heat up because the people want to take pictures with you, but in the end you just chopped and butt so that you will not pass. Especially if you are competing against Fiz, who wants to win always”. Induráin only complete the part of the bike. “Run, ran young, but I left right away. I know that there are many cyclists that are then passed to the race, but I don’t like it and swim or speak. I am very dry,” he said.

The life of Induráin is now very quiet. “I only see the cycling live. I tried to comment on races and I did not like, to be in the Federation and I also liked it, but I still maintain contact with some classmates. Shortly I’m going to Ibiza with Chiapucci to do a cyclosportive and see me with some former classmates.”

It cost little to champion navarro to move from the activity to the withdrawal, and that is why it is good to hear the consejos you have to give it to Alberto Contador. “Take it easy, now you will get a lot of offers to do things, but it seems to me that it has not yet been removed because I think it is a race to participate. The void left will be hard to fill, because it has been up for a long time, but there are young people like Landa that can occupy it. Veo to Landa able to discuss the Tour to Froome, but to go quietly, each one has its progression and must not be in a hurry. I, for example, it took to exploit, also sees a rebound in equipment.”

As it could not be otherwise, Induráin was asked by the political situation in Spain and acknowledged that “I do not like what I see on the street, I was never of all that racket, each one can have his opinion and the powers-that-be are to be able to fix things. They have to be good leaders and if they cannot calm the waters, as it always is then you can vote to others.”


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