Outrageous: Julián Muñoz is da life of a king in Marbella – Blasting News

Just recently, the Provincial court of Malaga had increased the conviction of Julian Muñoz, former mayor of #Marbella, another year and a month in prison for abusing the accounts and the consistory. However, today has sparked outrage among the locals, then that is filtraran several photos of the aforementioned finding the good life in the city. There is that to remember that the main reason for his conviction, was linked precisely to the fraud committed with the society Lorcrimar, to base of sign two contracts.

Muñoz alleged health problems out of prison

In circumstances that have raised the suspicions of the town, the Ministry of Justice gave the former mayor a certain probation, after looking at a medical report that, although you have not specified the details, stating that he himself was suffering from an incurable disease that left him ahead a short period of life.

This by appeal to humanitarian reasons and to preserve the dignity of the accused.

“Do not let me die in prison,” were the words of the which Muñoz used to convince the authorities, despite the fact that it was made clear that her condition was not terminal.

The marbella are indignant against the impunity of their former mayor

To be someone is seriously ill, what is certain is that Muñoz is what has happened so cute and enjoying the best of Marbella. Recently, the cameras they have got it on the inside of The «Ninis», a localito of the promenade of San Pedro where he had lunch to base of skewers.

Last year he came to see also in the facilities of the Victor Beach of the Golden Mile of Marbella, one of their establishments favorite to take the sun in hammocks. Today, Muñoz has opted for a tan with a method something more artificial, attending a centre of UVA rays with tanning beds, Sunlounge Solarium of Puerto Banus.

This property, in turn, is owned by the wife of Rafael del Pozo, who at one time served as Chief of Police, and features the latest technology for your customers to take some color.

In addition to these activities, Muñoz has not stopped attending to the Paddle Club to lift dumbbells and run on the treadmill. It has been known that for the moment she lives with her daughter Eloisa, who apparently is in charge of taking care of you.

Meanwhile, there are several citizens that have expressed their discomfort on the platform «Marbella Is Complaint.» #julián muñoz


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