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SEO or website positioning is very important for the markets to geo-located and more to the big cities where the local competition is very strong. When we perform a search in google of results about shops in Barcelona, the search platform gives us a few companies that are geo-located and with which they are able to attract more customers towards your website, to do this, hire a seo agency is one of the most viable options and wise.

All businesses should have a marketing campaign adapted to your level, since you must not have the same marketing campaign or SEO a clothing company to a national level, that a company at the local level in the market of Barcelona.

When we perform a search in google shows our position in the search engine and we must find a good strategy for our website to improve positions and that way get more organic traffic, which is summarized in more customers.

Should we invest in SEO local?

According to the agency SEO Barcelona SEO local is so important as to invest part of our resources on our web page. For your website to become your best business card and is able to attract more customers, there is only one way that is spending time working with the focusing and adjusting our strategy to our company.

After the adaptation of our website and improve our seo local en Barcelona, our customers will find our products in an organic way and the website of our company you will get more visits.

Fundamental pillars of SEO local

To improve the web positioning of our company in google there are several fundamental pillars for SEO on-page that are:

  • Key words in the web
  • Any SEO strategy that is branding in a company starts with market research, choosing and looking for which are the key words or the most sought after by our customers on Google.
  • Improve and Optimize the code.
  • To improve the web positioning of your company in google, the code of the website of your company should be optimized and oriented to improve the organic positioning.
  • Writing Web Content
  • For google there is nothing more important that consistency and quality of content generated on a website. When a user finds what he was looking for in your web page, google will improve the position of the web of your company in the search engines, to make it simpler and convenient for users to find quality content and that you give answer to your questions.


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