Images of the soldiers before the tragedy in Marbella [PHOTOS] – The Popular

June 04, 2017 5:00 am.

The Ministry of Defense disseminated photos and videos of the moments leading up to the tragedy on the beach Marbella which cost the lives of four young soldiers of the Army. In the images seen to the military at the sea shore, embraced in three groups practicing what in military terms is called “Value Test” which consists in resisting the force of the sea.

Suddenly, a wave of regular size fall several soldiers. When the military had not finished returning, again be hit by another wave that drags several of them offshore, triggering the tragedy.


What we see then are the moments of panic and despair of the two officers in charge of the regiment. The greater Kliford Rey Sanchez enters the sea to rescue his men, but it is also dragged by the current. A lieutenant helped with the camera of a tire enters to rescue the officer who was drowning, however, this was saved because a wave expelled to the outside.

It was not military practice

The minister of Defense, Jorge Nieto , in an interview for a television program hinted that the photos and videos would show that the death of four soldiers was not a result of a military practice, but as part of a time of recreation after performing exercises.

He added that in place of the routine of physical exercises on personal troop had to be rehearsed for the parade on 7 June. On the other hand, as part of investigations agents killed the Dirincri conducted an inspection on the beach where tragedy struck.


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