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Wanda Nara is not deprived of anything, and it shows in Instagram. Since I was separated from Maxi Lopez in 2013, the model not to enjoy the life thanks to her husband, Mauro Icardi, will comply with all your wishes.

Wanda and their children coming to Marbella.

More than two months of the birth of Isabella, the second daughter of Wanda with Icardi, the model decided to rest in a place of paradise. The place selected was neither more nor less than the Spanish city of Marbella. ad

Before taking a well-deserved break in the family, Wanda , took advantage of the «mini – vacation» which gave the Inter of Milan to her husband and took a plane to Buenos Aires to spend the holidays next to Zaira Nara.

The model spent the holidays in family.

The model, footballer, and their five children (Valentino Lopez, Benedict Lopez, Constantino Lopez, Francesca Icardi and Isabella Icardi) also traveled to the south to go to visit Zaira and her partner Jakob von Plessen.

The couple and the boys in the south.

After resting in the south of Argentina, the couple and the guys changed the cold for the heat: the Monday night it took a direct plane to Marbella, Spain why they chose to go to rest there? Wanda took advantage of her husband had a commitment with your team in this city.


A photo posted by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi) 25 Dec 2016(s) 1:45 PST

The players of the Inter travelled to Marbella because the Tuesday January 3, had to play a tournament friendly called «Casino Marbella«. The team Icardi, who played the last match in Serie A on Wednesday, December 21st and you must return to the arena on the Sunday, January 8, he won the tournament friendly teams to Marbella and Linenese. Only 2000 spectators came to see the meetings.


Wanda decided to accompany her husband to Marbella. He put together the bags to their five children and came to Spain from the south of argentina. As is his custom, the model was installed in a luxurious hotel: while she enjoys the relaxation and the good life, the striker train with his team.

The former of Lopez and the five children of Wanda were installed in the hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe is located in Marbella. In addition, also joined his mother Nora Colosimo and her current husband, Robert White.

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A photo posted by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi) 2 Jan 2017 at 1:46 pm PST

How much does it cost to be installed in that hotel? The only room available for a married couple and five guys is the Suite Presidencial. It has 100 m2, two stylish separate bedrooms and three private balconies with access to other services of the hotel.

Breast X 5

A photo posted by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi) 4 Jan 2017 to(s) 4:51 PST

To occupy that room for seven nights costs between $160 thousand (bed and breakfast) and $221 thousand (full board). That is to say that the model spends an approximate amount of $31.572 per night.


A photo posted by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi) 2 Jan 2017 at 1:39 pm PST

Wanda and their children enjoy the beaches, the day trips and meals at Spanish typical. At night, the model goes out to eat sushi with their mothers or are located with friends to enjoy drinks.

In one of his nights out, Wanda teamed up with sports journalist Spanish Cristina Morales, partner of Gary Medel, the advocate chilean-mate Icardi at Inter.

A photo posted by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi) 4 Jan 2017 to(s) 3:34 PST

The blonde should go back to Milan in the next few days, as her husband once again begins the Italian season. The Series resumes Saturday, January 7, and the Inter played on Sunday 8 to Torino, team where is the ex-husband of Wanda. This means that Icardi and Lopez will face each other one more time on the pitch.


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