Man dies hit by a taxi in avenue Santander – The Universal – Colombia

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, while many slept, a man lost his life in a traffic accident.

José Enrique Montero Jimenez, 46 years old, left home at an early hour to visit a brother in the Historic Centre, but to the middle of the night, while crossing the avenue Santander, to the height of the hotel Bellavista in Marbella, was hit by a taxi driver, who fled the scene.

The preliminary version of the facts indicates that the driver of the public service, tried to dodge a hole that was in the way.

The family of Montero, Jimenez responded that they do not have information as to why this would be in Marbella, as from 5 in the afternoon went to visit them they didn’t know anything about him.

The fatal victim was a native of Valledupar and worked multiple trades in a foundation in Turbaco.

For its part, the taxi driver, who was identified as Edinson Jimenez Matos and who was driving the vehicle license plate SPI-450, subsequently left abandoned the car on a road in the neighborhood is The Pool, and voluntarily submitted to the fiscalia seccional Cartagena.

While the motor vehicle was immobilized at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s office.