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Ok, I know what I going to tell: you’ve created a blog and now you don’t know how to take advantage of it, right? Yes, I know, you have visits… people will comment… It’s interesting content… From time to time, a reader asks for your contact for any interesting topic, yes… But what you want, in addition, is to take advantage of, monetarily speaking: to Make money with a blog.

Haz dinero con un blog: 10 consejos para monetizar de forma rápida y efectiva tu site

Make money with a blog: 10 tips to monetize quickly and effectively your blog or site.

To start, I’ll give you some tips that are easy and safe to carry out on your own (eventually successful and economic) website:

  • My first advice is, above all, that you are highly creative and professional in your work. I’m going to assure you something: when the work is well done, and is professional and worked, is note. And a lot of.
  • Works with affection. Essential. The success is built on the basis of small outbreaks of affection, of dedication. Have you ever heard that phrase that says something like: “the kitchen are small details made with love”? Therefore, according to my point of life, we could express that phrase to all the other fields.
  • Seeks to fill a market need. It would make no sense that your blog would be a theme in which you already have hundreds of competitors much more advanced than you are: looking to fill a niche of specific market that catches the attention of the public.
  • Share everything you publish on your blog or website on your social networks, especially on LinkedIn. Facebook can also be a good bundled, and, if you get the chance, share it on Twitter.

By following these top tips, you can start to get something tremendously important to the time to monetize your website: you’ll generate a high amount of traffic to your site. How easy, eh? Well… Now that we have introduced something more on topic, I will give you the tips more technical to help you monetize your site:

Tips for getting extra income with a blog

1. In the first place, it is important that the content of your site to be of interest to those that have in the spotlight as your potential customers. Let me explain: if you are looking for, for example, that in your fashion blog to collaborate brands such as Zara, Ivonne, July or Mango, what you have to do is to create content that is relevant to them; that your readers make a match perfect with your target.

2. In addition, as I hope you already know, the SEO strategy is extremely important. The positioning in search engines will redirect -even more – traffic to your website. Therefore, you will need to do it very well. Will allow you to, fundamentally, gain relevance and authority.

  • Authority: the more popular your page, the more valuable it will be-for brands – the information contained in it. In this sense, is where you’ll have to exploit the social networks that you commented a few moments ago, given that, the more you share your content, more users will come and, therefore, the more you read and the more authority you will earn.
  • On the other hand, and to talk to you about the factor of relevance, I mencionarte what we know as SEO on-site, which are defined as all those factors that are relevant to position your page in any search engines.

3. SEO On-site: we go back to the previous point. I will explain the relevant factors of which you spoke earlier, among which are a good choice of keywords, faster loading time, website design, ease of navigation, etc… do you Have controlled all these factors?

4. You can also opt for the strategy, SEM, but I imagine that -right now – investing money in your blog is not your main objective.

5. On the other hand, it is a good option to rely on YouTube videos: the platform of audiovisual content more powerful in the world. If your videos are of quality, thanks to what is known as Adsense advertising, you can monetize your videos when they reach a considerable number of visits.

The steps:

  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Upload quality videos, constant and routine. By quality I mean that your camera serious with high resolution and, to the greatest extent possible, that the content is done with professionalism: light, sound, etc
  • Is that your videos are attractive display: the tone with which you talk is not boring, the topic is educational, interesting…
  • Seeks to win the largest number of audience, subscribers, and views to the videos: we Share!
  • Linka everything to your site or blog.

6. On the other hand, you must have a profile in Google Analytics and Facebook Ads: know where your audience is, what items are the most visualizations are, what topics are the most interesting, how many times it was shared,… All this is highly important for start to redirect your activity to a particular strategy. In addition, with Facebook Ads you’ll be able to impact by segmenting!

7. Another tip, quick and easy, is to index in your text links to other pages (mainly, who are your potential customers). Sígueles in social networks, let them know each time you write them, share your information… Believe me that will in the end realize your existence, and you will have very present; who knows, maybe you need to give them publicity… No one forgets favors.

8. Creates a content freemium, where-on the basis of a small payment – your readers can access content more exclusive. Obviously, you must keep in mind that, in order to carry out this practice, it is necessary that you have a number of relevant audience.

9. Access to platforms such as Coobis; a platform for media of all subjects can generate income by writing and publishing content. As well as to disseminate them on social networks. In addition, on this occasion, also have very good ideas about “How to monetize a blog”

10. Use the word-of-mouth!

Haz dinero con un blog: 10 consejos para monetizar de forma rápida y efectiva tu site


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