There is a lack of attention to those who try to commit suicide: Psyche – Journal of Querétaro (press Release)

In the clinics of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) do not give adequate attention and not channelled to the institutions caring for conditions of the mind to those who have attempted suicide, which could aggravate your situation, and hindering there stats on the issue.

Said Elydia Barbosa, president of the Board of trustees of Psychological Queretaro (Psyche), who considered that there is a lack of interest by catering to the people who have thought of suicide and that this problem could be repeated in other health institutions, because a number of physicians work in more than one instance.

In the first quarter of 2017 were recorded 17 suicides in Querétaro and the average care provided by the State Mental Health Centre (CESAM) for a suicide attempt amounted in the last two years, from 30 to 50 people a year, reported the head of CESAM, Marbella Espino Cortés, in the framework of the World Health Day, in April.

Through the research conducted by Psyche “Saving a Life”, detected to young people from the eight years that have had up to three attempts of suicide and suffer from depression, and cutting; however, it is still difficult to get figures closer to reality due to the lack of channeling.

“I went to try to investigate the Social Security how many people had arrived with a suicide attempt and not because the doctors, what they do is, not to fill out the report and pipe it, say they prefer to cater to those who have suffered an accident that someone who does not want to live”, he warned.

Despite the fact that it is the people who need care, the staff puts in the report ‘short-cut’ or “small poisoning”, and not handled as a suicide attempt.

“I spoke with a psychiatrist who works in one of these institutions and he says to me, is that they do not want to cater to them biologically, but until there, even the nurses say, ‘don’t address them, the better to anyone who wants to live,’” he said.

He said that last year the Psyche tried to be in contact with the IMSS to which they would redirect the suicide attempts and the patients to receive a treatment, but the response was nil.

A trigger for suicide is depression, which is aggravating and causing problems in the family, in society and not being accepted nor understood.

She pointed out that several of his patients have attempted suicide repeatedly and there was a case in which a man tried to remove the life with many apple seeds.


He reported that in this year, in Psyche care to 58 children, of which 10 are for sexual abuse, ranging from five to nine years, and the rest are for the problem of conduct, arising from domestic violence.

A person with these conditions lasts four to five months of therapy, he noted, but the ideal is to stay for six months, depending on how much you open the patient.

“First, we diagnose whether it was abuse, because sometimes dads don’t know whether it happened or not, we had a case of a mother who was separated, I thought that I had to punish the father, and seeing things that were not there,” he said.

He said that in cases of sexual abuse are working on the perception of the victims about themselves, because they often feel dirty and “believe that they are bad”.

“We need to strengthen measures to detect any situation of this type, we have had workshops to teach the dads when you can have an alert on the part of the children to send them to therapy, if these small signals are not taken into account may be on the increase”, he added.


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