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9 July 2017 – When Venezuela is on the eve of an election more important, since four years ago, as it is to choose to 545 constituyentistas to change the constitution of the Republic, the website of the governing body in electoral matters as it is the National Electoral Council (CNE) now cannot be found easily in the search engine’s most influential internet, Google.

Until a few days ago, the website of the CNE of venezuela, was located in the first place of the list of links, just place the initials of the agency in the search engine american Google.

But as a strange thing, currently if we want to visit the website of the electoral power in venezuela, searching from Google, is no longer positioned in the first place, and that is not even positioned in the first ten pages of the list of links.

By computer we could say, that the CNE did not worked on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and this caused the desposicionamiento in the search engine of the information superhighway.

But what is an SEO?

It is not more that the practice of using a number of techniques, including the rewriting of the html code, content editing, navigation on the site, campaigns, links, and more actions, with the aim of improving the position of a website in the results of the search engines for a particular search terms)

Knowing this, What does SEO have to work the only official page of the electoral branch of the venezuelan State?.

Do not assume that any official website of any country should be positioned in the first place?.

Why only the page of the CNE of venezuela is the only one that cannot be located with ease?.

Can the CNE, the venezuelan will know something of this?.

What would that tell Google about it?.


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