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A starting point novel could be Carmen, the Italian saw his future husband just two times before you get married by proxy. The love story is inauspicious continued better than expected once she got out of the boat in the port of Buenos Aires. The “heroin” ended up falling in love with the calabrian who had not chosen, and she gave birth to 11 children. The seventh man was godson of president Hipólito Yrigoyen. The anteúltimo, the father of the man in question, Gabriel Andreacchio, alias Gabriel Corrado.

Icon of soap operas become a writer for youth, from four years ago, signing copies in each edition of the Book Fair. Your photo to Whatsapp is the outline of his shadow. Not hiding, but prefers to bypass the marketing. If all that is “in the cloud” describes it best. Slapping Andrea del Boca exported to Slovakia and Slovenia. Kisses with Grecia Colmenares, subtitled in Russian. A blue belt in taekwondo, a surfer, a metre eighty, a sagittarian, perfume Calvin Klein. He grew up in Villa Pueyrredón and he spent his life explaining that it is “a buenos aires neighborhood between Villa Urquiza and Devout.”

It was “columnist” riverplatense of Olé, host of Claudia Schiffer in a program of his own Spanish, as a referee of marriages in a reality show, “actor dumb” of a fotonovela Italian professor and involuntary of Spanish for those fans of israeli alienated, who practiced with his novels. He inherited the deep turquoise of the eyes of two branches distant: the above mentioned paternal grandfather, Andrea, and John, the maternal grandfather of piedmont.

30 years ago, a journey of “initiation” changed his perspective. Came from touring the country with the sale of jeans of a man for a French brand and get the card as a “professional” actor. Decided to get on a plane next to your best friend and go crossing off dreams: Israel, Egypt, united States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Holland. When he returned, he changed the focus: a gig, another gig, to convince you to Alejandro Romay. From the special blue Pants (of María Herminia Avellaneda) occurred more than 40 soap operas (or strips). But to Gabriel Andrew, it was not all the pink tone of their teleteatros. 15 years ago, for example, while living in Marbella, a pump of the ETA fell to the feet of your home, without consequences for the family.

There was a Corrado of long hair, trousers and Oxford boots with platform. He was the leader of a band of rock that happened so fleeting that hardly stopped the test. It came with the DNA of “the trompadas neighborhood” and a history of infatuations, until I ran into Constance, who holds the record of 30 years of relationship. “I studied theatre and had gone to prepare a few scenes of Romeo and Juliet to a friend. In the corner of a self-service it to me, I crossed the street and my friend greeted her. At the time we were at a birthday and long after he invited me to a costume party: she went as Catwoman, I as swordsman. Back, left her in her grandmother’s house and we exchanged the first kiss. We got married in 1989”.

Gabriel Corrado: "Inevitablemente me van a juzgar, pero soy valiente"

Corrado, in his youth, as a rocker next to his friends.

Father of three and producer in silence, does not rule out open in brief to a item new, the wine business, as did their ancestors of Badolato Marina, Catanzaro. In the meantime, take command of CTV content, a company with which you exported fictions to Romania.

-Hard to imagine this life that you tried as a rocker…

-Life has puertitas as parallel lives that could have been. I don’t regret any. I think of those other lives, I do Fast Forward and I’m going to my 14 years. It was mind-boggling. Today it would already be a rocker more. I remember that build parties and cobrábamos entries. The grandfather of Sergio, my friend, had a building and on the fifth floor of calle Honorio Pueyrredón got to the public. The band was called The Moon, but in 1974 we went to sing to Channel 13 and we had to go out and buy letters of urgency. For lack of letters, we ended up calling Damon. Sergio Frenkel on drums, Marcelo Gutman on bass and I on guitar and vocals.

-Your relationship with the media was always measured, even too conservative for the level of exposure you suffered. How did it protect certain areas?

-Is that I do not think that everything is a sell. There are things that I’m not interested in communicating. I want to keep my things. My public part is just a vertex. I am happy with this life that I made it. Don’t use the word satisfied, because I don’t like to settle.

-In old notes of the nineties are you compared with your competitors, Carlos Mata, and Gustavo Bermudez. And declarabas: “The sex symbol are made of plastic. I don’t believe in the muscles. I believe in getting to Hollywood.”

-I think that I was referring to are not my obsession muscles. In relation to Hollywood, is a dream that you always have to have.

-More than one buried the dream of Hollywood past his half-century of life…

-It sounds fucked up to bury dreams.

– What could bring Hollywood out of the money?

-It must be like to play in the NBA. You positioned.

-Says the “legend” that you started to outline your first book in the paper bag of a plane. What were the first lines?

-Somewhere must be that bag. I wrote something like “Clarita leaves his town”. I grew up with The little Prince, Juan Salvador Gaviota and treasure island. I like to communicate with young people. I think that this is an age in which one feels invincible and vulnerable. I learn and I feel that I can also contribute.

– Is it easier for a writer to be well seen if you choose to act for a gentleman to demonstrate that it is a good writer?

-I don’t know. I think that one always has to take tests. The important thing is to do it without being so pending the look of the other. Inevitably I will judge you. The key is to be brave.

Corrado presented “The last wish” in the last Book Fair. This is the third part of the saga ”The secret of Aladina”, Editorial Atlántida.


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