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The singer and songwriter will find tablecloths long celebrating 48 years of career and the 20th anniversary of his big hit, “crazy Life” and for this, the launch of a new CD + DVD recorded at the Karl Marx theater in Cuba under the format “Zone of preference”.

“I am very happy, there are several things that are coinciding. In the first place this material came out of something that for me was one of the most important events of my life-level presentations because I was able to do in Cuba after almost 20 years of not singing in my land. In addition, with the release of this material are being met 20 years of “crazy Life” is the single from this new CD + DVD. It was recorded in one of the most important theaters that we have there on the island”, he told in an interview to Publimetro.

The cuban also revealed the importance of this theme in your life at a personal level.

“With this ca+its born my children because it was the way I had to fall in love with the mother of my daughter and my son, Marjorie Gonzalez. I’m happy because we’re both celebrating and because, despite the fact that we no longer have marital relations, she is traveling to join me on the tour because he wants to celebrate with me this song that she inspired”.

Said that this talent for song writing is what gives since success on stage but above all in love.

“Yes because it is the way that I have to fall in love with. I discovered that I have ‘advantages’,” said the Lawns between laughter and added, “it Is what I have in the soul. I really who I am is Pancho Cespedes, which makes songs and sings on top of a stage. The most authentic hot dog that I know”.

In the material that is available from today, you will find previously unreleased tracks and a Pancho acclaimed for its pubic that sees him enshrined as an artist and with a voice more charming and more powerful than ever.

“At first what you will notice on this album is a renewed energy. Depends on the place that you sing, it changes the energy of the moment but in addition there are four new songs that have not been heard before, that are included but overall I think they did a very careful that the people who see it can feel as if you were sitting there in the theater with me. We take care of a lot of excitement about all the things for people to feel the same feelings that were experienced by the public that was present and I,” explained the cuban who takes almost 20 years living in Mexico.

This concert also featured a special participation of the legendary composer and singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés, who was so fortunate that will result in a series of concerts that will end up doing dumbbell.

“On the 22nd of July, we started a tour in Marbella and then we come to Mexico to do a tour together. In addition we have a disc that is already almost done where he sings my songs and I sing of him, and we do some duets as well,” he revealed.

Finally Céspedes said he is preparing a film called “Oh Love” which will discuss later.

“I learned to have two countries. Cuba is my native country, and Mexico is where they were born my children and my career as an artist,” Francisco Cespedes.



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