Fernando Cavenaghi: «I don’t miss anything in the world that surrounds the … – LA NACION (Argentina)

Fernando Cavenaghi: "I don't miss anything in the world that surrounds the ... - LA NACION (Argentina) 1
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Lived in Marbella until the end of the year, but nothing enjoys more than traveling to the city of O’brien and re-listen to that call you Kity. The house on the shores of the Mediterranean can be expected, while the home in the middle of the pampa in the buenos aires province is an escape a necessity for the citizen Cavenaghi. Play in the street, walking barefoot and riding bareback, three pleasures of childhood that you now enjoy with your children. And the ravioli with the sauce of the grandmother Rule you already eat without guilt. «After six months living in Marbella, we returned to Argentina to spend the Holidays and vacation time. My kids larger they told me that they wanted to go more. When you see the smiley face, with watery eyes, we looked at with my wife and we agree: there’s not much more to talk about, we were,» says Fernando. The will of Benjamin (8) and Sofia (6) sealed the familiar path. The small Anna (1), of course, followed the troupe. Then, the striker Cavenaghi, who had already decided to quit football, he began to plot his future. The first thing was to organize the umpteenth move-in Solitude, your companion always. Russia, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Cyprus., go if you know of to make bags.

«In Marbella we were very well, you have safety and comfort, but Argentina is my place. The friends, the habits, the affections thrown away and we are happy to be here,» says the captain of the last Libertadores River. The arthroscopy went through a little over a year to regenerarle the cartilage of the right knee was the last attempt to save the front. It couldn’t be. Then, at 33 years of age, was born to another life. «I still can’t believe that I’m an ex-player. I can see everything from outside!», confesses Cavenaghi, a day before his party farewell.

Una postal clásica: Cavenaghi, en el Monumental
A classic zip: Cavenaghi, in the Monumental. Photo: Courtesy Of FC9Shop

– Do you already asumiste that you’re an ex-footballer?

-Siiiiií, yes, If I can’t run! A long time ago that was assuming and working the retreat. But it is not easy: when you did throughout your life to something you enjoyed so much, put there all your passion, and suddenly it ends. I swear that is not simple.

– Do you have prepared for retirement?

-I knew that at some point I was going to get. No one plays forever. I honestly would have played a bit more, I was very well, in Cyprus, had a spectacular year and I surfeited win, but the injury in April of last year in the knee, osteochondritis with the menisci committed, I complicated the picture, and I could not come back to 100%. I tried anyway, I had the operation, I spent 8 months in recovery, but there was no case. Then the retreat was easier to cope when you directly knew, the more I wanted to do it, because we could not play. By most that he would say ‘I want to play, want to play’, I was out running and found that I was no longer to play.

– Does the knee you still hurts? Do you mind to make a normal life?

-Yes, the knee today, it hurts me. Game paddle and I go out to run, but at the beginning it cost me, until it heats up. That knee never was 100% and in reality it all began in France, with my big injury [march 2009, collided with the goalkeeper of Toulouse, Cédric Carrasso]. My body will never again be 100%. That was my time, was consolidated in Europe, was the scorer of Bordeaux who later won the title, I had chosen the foreign League over the brazilian Juninho of Lyon, he fought for being the top scorer in the League along with Benzema (Lyon) and Gignac (Toulouse)., but I missed the last 12 dates of the tournament. I tore the posterior cruciate, ligaments, internal and lots of other things… and never, never again will I be at 100%. That was the reality.

-Asumiste the retreat, but the animal competitive and they say that it takes each player also amansaste?

-There is no longer any beast to tame. If I’m going to play with my friends, win or lose, I no longer heats up, I’m just going to have fun. That is why sometimes I do not understand some who play as if it were the end of the world. I live totally different. Clear that sometimes I’m fighting a bit with my friends, with my brother, I want to beat them. especially the paddle. Because the football game is soooo little.

– How little?

-Almost nothing. By the limitations of the knee, of course, but also to avoid some friction and bad times. Unless it’s people you trust, no longer play. I don’t want problems. ‘Look at the kick that hit him to Cavenaghi.’, I have listened to. And yes, it passes. Here we are very passionate, never missing that piernita more and to tell the truth, I don’t want to live those things. Already spent too much as a professional.

Directed Laurent Blanc (Bordeaux), Michael Laudrup (Mallorca) and Falcao (Inter Porto Alegre). Also the Coco Basile in the selection and was the Tolo Gallego put him in the First Division with 16 years. Always admired Gabriel Batistuta, the hero of her childish dreams. For the world played with some funky numbers on the back, as 16, 26 and back up to 79. But a figure engraved in the skin, 14, a symbol of the bar of the River, as a signature for the tattoo «and in the bad much more».

– Do not it was a mistake to get on the paraavalancha of the Monumental with the bar in 2004? Do not you repent?

-No, not at all, and I do not regret. I dreamed of going to the grandstand, to encourage in a game and see it from another side. They didn’t invite me, I called them to take me. I want to believe that I created, and that which is not, honestly I don’t care. I just did it with the desire to have fun and spend a little time different. Nothing more. I can not take care of what you imagine each one.

– How much do you think that changed the football since 2001, when debutaste in the River?

-Have previously not been studied much. Now you know everything you need and show you if an opponent moves the leg to the right when you receive it, if it emerges from the left when turning, to where you face. This degree of detail did not exist before and is an advantage. Now, that is as true as it is that are players that even though the analysis up to the minimum detail, just like you make the goal. Later, the soccer environment has changed a lot. Before the player lived more quiet. Today you’re a lot more exposed and unprotected.

– Why? What happened?

-One thing leads to another: from the growth media to the impatience of the people. The fans were more convinced of that every game is life or death, then if you make sos champion and if you lose do not you serve for nothing. That is our reality: we are not average. Argentina comes to an end of the world, loses, and they are all failures. And have the nerve to play two finals the following year and re-losing them! Here we live in a society maverick. And in football, the exposure that you have is very cruel, especially in clubs as large as a River, where you are exposed 24 hours a day.

-You lived in Russia, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Cyprus. what our society is the most hysterical that you met?

-Yes, you have no doubt. The madness that lives around football here has no history, does not exist in any other side.

-Even so, do you miss the something of the atmosphere of the football?

-Strange that instant in that you’re about to enter the pitch, those seconds in the mouth of the tunnel are unique. That doesn’t compare with anything, the strange thing and I’m going to miss the rest of my life. That adrenaline I don’t know if it exists in another profession, and after having enjoyed it’s complicated to live something at least similar. What is not strange? The day-to-day, the pressure, being all the time in the media., the world that surrounds the football is not strange absolutely nothing.

– Do you think you get out of the spotlight will make you more happy?

-I am already another. When you’re a player, if you lose you can’t get out to the street. That is the reality. Today, I am no player and I have no responsibility on what happens inside the pitch. The people you may recognize you by what you did or mencionarte what you’re doing, but the ‘eeehhh not moved’, ‘ehhhh not played’ or ‘the goal that you erraste, donkey’ has already happened. Then life becomes much more quiet.

– Do you feel relieved?

-Yes. Because there are things that you end up wearing in this profession. And the family suffers and can leave hurt. There is wear strong media because there are no limits and no one is saved. Before I lost a lot of moments with my children, for example. Now I get up at 6.30 and took all of the morning guys at college, and I have been around the time that I could not do it. And the man took him to football and to the baby to skate. Today I enjoy all of that.

– What is the reaction of the people to sit in the street?

-The people of River I’ve always received a lot of love. But I also spend a lot of things with the Boca fans. I think people, in general, very much appreciated my decision, such as the Chori [Dominguez], of returning to the club to play in the ascent. ‘Look, I’m from Boca, but I appreciate that you did it,’ I say. I was never a player controversial, and some say to me, ‘I am not a River, but you bank because you’re not a player puteable, I caés nice’. It happens to Palermo, and, although we made a lot of goals, the swollen River doesn’t hate him because he is a player of low profile, that falls well, it is a fighter.

– How much envejeciste the year of the upgrade?

-A lot of. Never lived anything like it in football, I got to the limit of my feelings. I ended up with a psychologist… it was not annoying. I do not recognize me. I ended up isolated from my family, locked myself. I arrived with just enough at the end, that’s why the crying when we went up because it was an outlet impressive. We find a leadership that never accompanied us, was to paddle all the time against the current, to live with a terrible stress, because the team had to ascend yes or yes and win 5-0. And that absorbíamos the pressure were the coach, the Chori and me. That was the reality: we were the head of the team and that we were all the time under the magnifying glass.

– Do you reassures her that at every opportunity Almeyda assume your guilt for your out of River after the climb?

-Already is, is a matter of past, is already. I’ll stick with everything good that we happened to live, and above all with having met the goal. The first grain of sand so that now the club is fairly well economically, and globally recognized was the rise. We all live a year of hell, I ended up overwhelmed. Only we know by everything that we went through.

-The organization of the party a tribute you will be kept busy. how and from Sunday, what?

-I am very busy with my brand of sports clothing, I really liked the experience as a commentator for ESPN, with my Foundation continue to help many guys, because it does not have to go very far or to another province to find people who need shoes, school supplies, and warm clothing. Our condition of ‘known’ allows us to make an arrival that others do not have, and we have the obligation to take advantage of it. But I’m also doing the trainer course, although my link with the football, I imagine it from the other side. In addition, with these guys I am very contemporary, were classmates or friends, and it would be difficult to direct them. But from here to 8 or 10 years I’ll be past 40, and who knows if not I am bitten by the bug. And because you have played football that I can not enable you to train anyone, so you need to prepare. But I confess I like most of sports management.

– What if D’onofrio proposes you to join the leadership?

-As DT would say to a friend that is looking for club or send it to the bank, and that must be very difficult. But in the management there are thousands of features, even some that aren’t even direct with the campus. Anyway, no one suggested me anything. I have not spoken anything for the moment and I want to be quiet. I enjoy watching the games and I will be in Paraguay to continue to the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores. You do not need a political office to be near the club.

-Amadeo, Labruna, Alonso, Ramon Diaz, Francescoli, Ortega. And What About Cavenaghi? Do you feel comfortable there?

-No, I did not put on any list. Yes I feel very loved by the people of the River, but I don’t know if I’m an idol. If I walked by the window to my party farewell! And yes! Look: there are only three players in the 116-year history of River that took his party farewell, Alonso, Francescoli and Ortega, and already put my name among them almost seems to me an exaggeration. Honestly, I don’t know if I deserve this feast. It is too much. Neither would have dreamed. The people of River moves me, I get tickets in 24 hours! I prefer to think that it is not the farewell., if my idea is to be close to River life.

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