Foreigners risk their life to rent real estate … – TVN Panama

The director-general of the Leases of the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Ordering (Miviot), Naydú Rudas, has been a series of surprises when conducting operations against rentals clandestine, one of them being, the use of property condemned.


Rudas explained that there are unscrupulous people who rent out to foreigners who pay for these accommodations, a canon lease that round is between $60.00 and $80.00 per month, putting their lives at risk.

Rude added that every time you perform operating leases clandestine have been found in people living in situations of unsafe, buildings that do not comply with the conditions, and annexes in the courtyard with no windows, only one bathroom for 15 people, poor trash disposal, among other anomalies.

The large amount of rentals clandestine are located in the districts of Parque Lefevre, Bella Vista, Rio Abajo, Betania, and San Francisco, especially in Marbella. Recently, irregularities were found in Cerro Viento, in San Miguelito, one of the places more prone to this illegal activity.

To date, the Directorate General of Leases have been executed 15 operating leases clandestine in the city of Panama.

“People can put their complaints through 311 or personally before the Directorate General of Leases of the Miviot; in both cases, must specify details of the place for us to get there with the personnel to execute the work,” said Rudas.


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