Exotic visitors arrive at Plot 29

It’s November: pottering and planning and squawky parakeets

There is no denying November. Frost still mostly absent in the south will appear and rains are already heavier. Some of our neighbouring plots are huddled under cover. We are now divided at the allotments between those who’ll likely stay away till spring and the (admittedly fewer) obsessives like me. The plot addicts, if you will.

Howard saved the sunflowers. They had been hammered by a downpour. Drooping, a few straggling blooms, the leaves rusted, they looked a little forlorn. I had thought it time to cull them. I planned to save the seed heads but use the bed for transplanting late oriental leaves (a home-mix of tatsoi, pak choi, mizuna and mustards, mostly). Howard is an artist, my favourite photographer. He sees elusive beauty easily, so execution was stayed.

A green parakeet swooped and landed on a sunflower. I suspect it’s a regular refuelling stop

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