Former coach of Djokovic sees the serb more tolerant and balanced – the Tennis World IS

The last two months to Gebhard Gritsch has been very different the last eight years. Had the opportunity to stop travelling and to relax a little after that in April they broke up Novak Djokovic along with the other two members of the team, Marian Vajda, and Miljan Amanovic.

Nole worked with Andre Agassi for the French Open and hired a new coach in the next few weeks. Is being also followed by the guru mental Pepe Imaz, which was criticized by the media and fans in recent months.

It is quite interesting what the coach fitness and nutrition advisory Djokovic until recently. Gritsch said about Imaz, that is not a «guru» loco», but it is a person who appreciates the values and tries to help others.

«I’m not going to enter in the form in which it is as a tennis coach. That is not the point. I think that has helped a lot of people, and is still helping. Is a good person. Gritsch also added that Djokovic often trains in Marbella, where there is the tennis academy owned by Imaz.

When asked how he changed Novak thanks to the Spanish coach replied: «He is much more balanced and open-minded towards the society, much more tolerant.

Has changed much towards the positive, it is much more that affirms life.Novak is a happy person.”

According to Gritsch, the objective of Novak is to reconcile his professional life with his private life: «A high-level athlete that has so much success it must be selfish and can not devote much time to things that do not affect their performance.”

It is logical that this is not ideal for a family and its social environment. So now it has come to a stage where you say to yourself: «Hey, I have that reorientarme, I want to be both: a good athlete, but also enjoy the pleasures of life.»

Also want to develop as a human being.”And what he takes, he does so meticulously. It is very serious”.

In addition, he described the cooperation with the champion twelve times Grand Slam times as amazing, and added: «I was impressed by how he could motivate yourself every day, both for the sport as for his personality.

Someone who lives so intense and so consciously every day is very unlikely. He was the best student I’ve ever known, and a curious person in the positive sense”. .


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