Evangelina was moved live at the talk of his children – Context

Wednesday, 28 June, 2017 21:53 | The visited model, Cut by Lozano where he ended up cracking the talk of Bastian, Lola and Emma. Check out the video of the emotional moment in this note.

Evangelina was moved live at the talk of his children - Context 1Evangelina Anderson: «My children are the best thing that happened to me in life» – Cut by Lozano

In the midst of the preparations for the wedding of Lionel Messi and Antonela Rocuzzo, Evangelina Anderson came to the country to attend the expected wedding and went before by, Cut by Lazano to talk about his life in Marbella.

Eva, who gave birth in February of this year to Emma, took her daughter Lola (4) to interview and ended up breaking to talk about motherhood and how the arrival of his sons changed the vidto: “My children came here to teach me”, he said, before getting excited.

“Bastian (7) has many good features, but one of the values that I highlight is his empathy with the people”, he told, proud, an anecdote about his eldest son about the first time they were on Halloween in England. “Golpéabamos the door of a house, that he will know that celebration and came with a bowl full of candy and he grabbed one. We went to another thing and grabbed one. Then the English that pay we said, ‘no, no, agarrá more’. And he said ‘no, thanks’. When we left I told him I snatch up more caramelitos because nothing was happening and I said, ‘no, mom, because if you grabbed the more other guys are going to be left with nothing’. He was very young, I was 5 years old”, he recalled, already in tears.

“It must be that I’m sensitive because was delivered of a child recently,” he said, while drying her eyes with a handkerchief. “I speak to my children… they are the best thing that happened to me in life”, said Evangelina Anderson.


Source: http://www.ciudad.com.ar/espectaculos/evangelina-anderson-emociono-hablar-sus-hijos-vinieron-ensenarme-son-mejor-me_85329

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