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Although Saturday seemed so dazzling and glamorous, as always on the red carpet of the Global Gift Gala of Marbella -one of the charity events most important of the summer in the Costa del Sol-the stay of the actress Eva Longoria in the famous andalusian town has not seen or much less limited to the comprehensive compliance of their work, philanthropic, as she herself has been commissioned to ascertain in their social networks since arriving in the south of Spain a week ago.

In fact, far from making the bags and put on a direct course to the united States as on previous occasions -when you visit other cities that are also headquarters of this movement of solidarity, the star of ‘Desperate housewives’ decided to enjoy a relaxing Sunday in nothing less than the Beach club Father, a luxurious poolside snack bar, mexican-inspired of the who is owner and which was opened shortly before the start of the summer.

«Today, a little bit of fun in the sun. Oh Marbella!», he wrote clearly satisfied in his profile of Instagram along with a photo that portrayed sitting on a deck chair that was located, interestingly, in the shade and wearing a hat custom of his brand new establishment.However, as you have been quick to comment on many of his followers of social networks, the most striking thing about the snapshot is the name that is printed on the above-mentioned cap, which is not theirs but that of the man who occupies her heart from a little over four years: her husband, Jose ‘Pepe’ Cane.

It is likely that this original gesture of gratitude towards your partner is linked to the fact that the employer has not been able to join her in these days so pleasing that the interpreter takes in Marbella, unlike the visit that they both made last year by these same dates and in which already wore their respective alliances of newly-weds.

There is No doubt that Eva must be miss him so much his inseparable companion of life in his last adventure through the south of Spain, although it has not left too much evidence of this in the numerous images that has been published in the virtual sphere. In fact, in all of which the actress has revealed that she has not had time to get bored since he landed in the country of their ancestors, either thanks to their evening with her girlfriend Maria Bravo, to your evening parties with the best of Marbella, to the session of tapas and cañas that he lived a few days, or your exciting encounter with the actors of one of his series a preferred.

«Here I am with the wonderful cast of ‘Velvet’, one of my favorite series of Spain. Thanks to Ramon and Teresa for such a nice tour around the set of ‘the Velvet Collection'», revealed in one of his last publications in the virtual sphere.


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