Eva Longoria on romantic holiday in Marbella, sexy, and … – HEY! MX

Eva Longoria on romantic holiday in Marbella, sexy, and ... - HEY! MX 1


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This summer is special for Eva Longoria and her husband, Pepe Cane. Lovers live an eternal honeymoon, and this time they decided to fly to one of those beautiful destinations where they find inspiration. Now, enjoy a spectacular vacation in Marbella, where the pair has been able to relax and, above all, delight your palate with the exquisite flavors of the local cuisine. Alongside his professional commitments, Eva and her husband have shown on more than one occasion that Spain is their favorite places and, once more, prove it with this romantic getaway.

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In addition to live to the fullest these days, the actress has taken the time to talk about what is happening in this moment of your life. “The relationship (with Pepe) is incredible,” he said in an interview released by Europa Press, in which you also replied in a very particular way the question about whether it is time or not to grow the family. “We have an incredible family already”, of this form did in front of all those rumors about his personal life that lately have been placed in the crosshairs of the world.

The step of Eva and Pepe in Marbella is also due to his attendance at the gala Global Fit, of which she is the hostess. But, what else do you enjoy both the actress and her husband during their walks through those lands? The food. It was clear when you described how have been these days for the tourist city. “Incredible! Ham, paella, all…”, just to mention a few of the things that you’ve tasted during this trip.

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If this were not enough, and to do more special about this moment, Eve was made to accompany his family. Without a doubt, to be surrounded by their loved ones has been one of the things that has not ceased to smile. “This time I will be in Marbella for almost a week. Usually I’m here two days and I’m going, but this time I have all of my family, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, and it is the first time you come in them, is very special,” he said.


As good lovers of the surf, Eva and Pepe have taken the time to relax on Beach, Father, basking in the sun, and even practicing a bit of sport. The paparazzi don’t lost the track and caught the lovers during a game of volleyball on the sand. Of course, not allowed to call attention to the impressive physique of the main character of Desperate Housewives, who wore a spectacular bikini lined, in two parts, with the that revealed their curves.

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