This is the «other life» of the fugitive Spanish stopped in San Juan – San Juan

Monday, 18 September 2017 · 08:12:00.m.

It seems like a history of film, but it is not. A man very recognized in Spain, with a long and turbulent political history and was involved in a multi-million dollar cause for embezzlement of public funds, fled his country and after more than a decade was found living in San Juan, become a businessman, married and with two children.

This is in few words, the story of Carlos Fernández Gámez, who was arrested during the early morning hours of Friday in his house in Rivadavia. After more than ten years of living in the province, this man was able to make some recognition since he founded a coaching company that gave service to companies, individuals, and even political leaders.

But little was known until now of his «other life» in Spain, more precisely in Marbella. Fernández was born 49 years ago in the midst of a family of lower middle class, shaped by his parents, Francisca and Manolo and a brother called Antonio.

His father has rising moroccan and during his childhood, Fernández was influenced by this culture and saw it as Manolo in labor force did grow the small family business until you get to consolidate it as a respectable construction firm.

He told the journalist José Carlos Villanueva, director of Marbella-Confidential (, who has spent years researching the life of Fernandez and their connection with the scam millionaire, the political life of this man began with a letter.

Is that in the year 1991, when Fernandez was only 23 years old, he wrote a letter to Jesus Gil y Gil, who was a recognized political leader, businessman and the chairman and largest shareholder of Club Atlético de Madrid.

In his letter, this young man, Fernández, he confessed his admiration to the leader, who had already founded his political party, the GIL (Grupo Indepiente Liberal). So convincing were the words used by Fernandez that was the same Jesus Gil who summoned him to work with him in politics, and after the overwhelming triumph of GIL this young man came to be mayor in Marbella.

In parallel, Fernandez continued with a quiet family life, always living in his parents ‘ house. In addition, Villanueva stresses that Ferández always had an almost symbiotic relationship with his mother.

Is that the lady accompanied him on all his television interviews, what he expected after each program and in more of an official activity, doña Francisca participated proud next to his son.

While it was a young man, and with power within Marbella, Fernandez was not a womanizer hardened or much less. Is that according to the Spanish chroniclers he met a girlfriend who stayed for more than 10 years at your side, but never married.

The girl in question is called Marisa, all who knew the couple was wanted very much and even called them the attention that they did not get married. What is certain is that after a decade of relationship, they separated. The young man remade his life, is married and has children, still lives in Marbella. But, refuses rotundamtente to talk about his past with the now arrested Fernandez.

Beyond his private life, what públicó Fernandez was able to make gala to be a leader firm and of great charisma. In addition, in its public function was linked to the management of sports clubs, this gave a great back policy and popularity.

The problems began to arrive when the figure of Fernandez became too noticeable, it was then when the same Gil left side. There began a flow of confilictos political allegations and cross-allegations.

At some point within this period is turbulent, Fernandez knew how to interact with Judah Eleazar Binstock, a businessman of british origin who was the owner of more than a million square meters in the area of Marbella and one of the great emprededores real estate in the country.

It is believed that this man was the «financier» of an operation carried out by the same Fernandez to be able to draw the power to Julián Muñoz, who had assumed the holder of the Alcaidía.

While the strategies policies and dimes and bickering were rife, Ferández should address the different causes in which you are investigating. He went so far as to have sentence of 2 years for misappropriation of funds that should be allocated to fund the football clubs that are dependent on the State.

This conviction, which did not involve the effective execution, was a strong hit for Fernandez. Is that he is a devout believer of Jesus Captive that has a brotherhood, and for Holy Week carried out a massive procession, in which Fernánez had the privilege of carrying the image of the saint. After the first conviction, he was expelled from this group.

For the year 2006 the cause of Malaya in the investigated fraud in the millions , was a true scandal. Cornered by the suspect, Fernandez fled to Argentina. In Spain believe that they had the support of Binstock, who helped him to settle in Mendoza and then it was he who moved to San Juan.

In the midst of all the buzz generated by this case, it was learned that the order of capture formallizado through Interpol dates of the year 2014, thus, Fernandez was able to leave the country with his Spanish passport. It is more it is believed that in 2011 they met in Morocco with his mother, who both loves.



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