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Twenty years representing Colombia, 24 matches in the Davis Cup, the colombian higher has come through the ranks of the ATP, the national with more weeks in the top 100, the most games he has played, the most games he has won, that is Santiago Giraldo, who will be against Croatia a new opportunity to continue to show their game.

Today, after a long way, you can sit down to tell several anecdotes of his career, as the relive the past of the hand of Novak Djokovic, the reaction in the tournament of Madrid after defeat to Andy Murray, but above all the special form of feel to Colombia.

They are already 20 years defending the colors of Colombia. What has led to this great undertaking?
Passion. For me, life is spectacular if you assume with a pure passion; in every thing you do, every minute, every second… if this passion is no more there in you, which is the activity that you do or you do, you must look inward and rethink the challenges you have imposed.

In 1998 he represented for the first time to Colombia, it was in the south american sub-12 of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. What did you feel when you wore the shirt of Colombia?
I remember a happy child, waiting to share with his companions all these experiences and sensations that were coming. It was a nice abrebocas of all that was coming… and still coming.

How enriched him as a tennis player to have competed in the world championships u-14 and u-16, in addition to sharing with Novak Djokovic in those contests?
Are magical moments, a couple of months I spoke with Novak on the break in the middle of a training session in Marbella. I said, “do you Remember how we were when we were celebrating points in that game of children; do you remember the self-confidence?”. It would be a dream than that, for very old, well-known and professional that we have done, never would finish. He stopped a second to reflect, smiled and nodded. He is a great athlete and a human being admirable.

The years keep passing, and the illusion of representing the country is still intact. Why is that?
If I’m honest, now I enjoy it more and I see it with a lot more illusion yet. I guess that is the maturity and the years. The experiences of life. Thank you for the opportunity of what I consider today to be a positive leader for the rest of the team, for the people and for the new guys that they observe.

Wearing the shirt of the country, what has been the most what has been marked as a tennis player?
Seen the shirt of Colombia each day in my imagination. Not only I have been to my country when I get physically to the tricolor. I am in love with Colombia and its wonders, the country is present in every conversation that I find appropriate to speak of him, it is deep love that I have and I feel. I remember with joy, once finished the second round match in Madrid in which I became the victor against an opponent like Murray in such a tournament, look at and speak to the camera with a big smile on my mouth and with the pen write: ‘I Am Colombia!’.

What were the feelings when he was summoned for the first time the colombian team of Cup Davis?
Liking, commitment and responsibility. He also had that unconsciousness widespread that it is even more visible and pronounced in the juvenile stage.

What is the biggest dream that you have a professional level representing Colombia?
I have the satisfaction of having done the best I could with what I had, with my virtues, with my imperfections and my shortcomings, but it’s always best that I could. It is wonderful to dream. I have dreamed and what I’m doing. Again, it is a dream for me to play with a team like Croatia, in a bullring iconic and beautiful as it is the Santamaría, a public great as it is in general the public in colombia.

What was envisioned to one day become a point of reference not only current, but historical of Colombia in the Davis cup?
The story is a reference. If you you discover by doing it, you are unable to enjoy what, in theory, manage it, and you miss the feast that is to live each day to the process with its quirks, the good and the not so good; in the end, that is what counts, that’s what today for me is the festival of life. That is what I imagine every new day that begins like this: make him a party.

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