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Ten years ago, Muriel Rossignol and her husband Loïc Malarbet thought seriously about making a radical change in their lives. ‘We had a few friends that vvivían in Panama, had moved a short time ago and told us, ‘you have to come, the country is growing and there are many things to do,’ recalls Rossignol.

Traveled in January, they knew about Panama, and realized that there was no bakery-French pastries and saw there an interesting possibility to establish your company. ‘It was not our profession, we are both veterinarians, but we decided to undertake. We rented a local in June and we moved in August, with children and dogs and cats’, he adds.

‘We have many foreign customers, many european and French, of course. It is a recognition for me because the French are very ‘picky’ to eat’


Neither Rossignol nor Malarbet are dedicated to the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t have many thing to learn from this new business.

Petit Paris was born as a bakery-French pastries with a small premise where it conducted the products to bring. ‘in the beginning said, a restaurant does not, but today I enjoy a lot’, says Rossignol with a smile. And is that in 10 years there have been several changes that have been made in the way of Petit Paris.

With only half year running, the owners of the place that rented them reported that they had sold the building and that they would have to find a new space. ‘In the east Coast was the bakery, in Marbella the pastry. But we had to cross the city delivering bread and pastries. We were finally able to rent a bigger place just behind this and focus the entire operation here’, says Rossignol.

Later saw the addition of a restaurant, for which they hired a French chef and a manager specializing in the operation of restaurants. ‘We have always had French chefs in the bakery,’ he says. The most recent expansion plan has been to develop a franchise, although this does not have trouble. In times of oversupply and little economic movement, must be handled with caution, although Petit Paris has a customer base that is quite loyal.

‘We have many foreign customers, many european and French, of course. This is a recognition for me because the French are very ‘picky ‘to eat’, he confesses. Also come british, the americans and the venezuelans. In terms of the panamanians, generally concen France, have vajado or are interested in the French culture.


The offer of Petit Paris begins at 7:00 am and ends at 11:00 pm. The breakfasts are one of the strengths of the restaurant. Starting with the morning French, for two people, which includes mini viennoiseires, bread, jam, butter, smoked salmon, ham, cheese, eggs, fruit salad and mimosas – Then individual options can be very varied as Are the French, the american, the English, the Santé, a lightweight option; The typical and the option to pair children. These in include the orders of eggs, pancakes and croissants.

For lunch and dinner, offers a menu of French dishes-mediterranean. The menu offers options of entries, such as the classic onion soup au gratin, cream of pumpkin and seafood, beef carpaccio, salmon tartar, eclairs, Spanish omelettes and quiches in addition to pâtés and cheeses, and a variety of salads.

Among its main dishes include fillet of red snapper roasted with a mousseline of sweet potato to the passion fruit, asparagus and foam of vanilla; the fillet of sea bass, chorizo and the boeuf Bourguignon and the chicken and blue cheese. They also offer pasta and risotto. The offer culminates with small sweet and savory, and mixed desserts. Daily the chef presents special dishes in addition to the executive menu. You can on the terrace to enjoy an afternoon tea or a dessert in the evenings since starting at 9:00 pm, offers a discount of 50% in the fresh desserts of the day.


According to its owner, ‘this is a place to which you can arrive any time, and can come in flip-flops or likewise very well-dressed. If you are going to take only a coffee is welcome to take a dessert or a full dinner up with champagne’.

For Rossignol, the secret having been kept on the market for 10 years is that ‘we maintain above all, quality. We offer fresh products every day, never the previous day, French chefs are always making sure that everything is done as it should be and, above all, the people feel like at home’.

Petit Paris is ‘a place of meetings and reunions, the people came alone but know that you will always find yourself with someone, or make new friends.


The anniversary of Petit Paris meet in December, but their celebration began last week with a party and will run for the next three months that ‘we are going to have special menus, gifts, entertainment, Friday, surprises, and the club of friends of Petit Paris with interesting benefits, a new momentum that can last more than 10 years.


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