Falls in love with Francisco Cespedes with your voice – The Morning of Nuevo Laredo

NUEVO LAREDO.- A night of luxury is lived this weekend in the presentation of Francisco Céspedes, who delighted with his voice, personality and talent to their admirers border. Prior to his concert at the La Hacienda restaurant of Columbus, spoke with the media about his latest material and upcoming tour with Pablo Milanés.

In their interviews tends to be a little more reserved, however your visit and the good reception in the city, gave him the confidence to cuban to speak quietly and in confidence first about the fact of singing new account in his native country after 24 years of not doing so, and that this will be recorded to share with your audience and celebrate his 47 years of career and 20 years of its big hit, “Crazy Life”.

This Friday it went on sale on all platforms his Album and DVD entitled, “sweet spot” on this he commented, “Today we launched the disk, and we woke up in the seventh place; it’s my lucky number all life it seems that the harbinger of this album, seems like it’s going to be okay. The disk became blue and soon I’m dyed blue, this is the preferred color, is the color that represents a deity, that represents me to me, I didn’t ask for that are things of my madness; everything is aligning in a way to keep walking my disk”.

On the subject that would make take off his career strongly expressed the importance of the same in his personal life “by Being married already, I was in Mexico and she in Cuba, on migration issues, in that year of estrangement and of being married to a woman that you love and to be spaced as well, we were suffering, I did the song. Is the singing in his birthday August 17, and on February 14 everything was resolved magically, the day of St. Valentine appeared it, I was getting in the airport of Mexico City and from there that song my daughter was born and my son; that’s for me the importance of Life Crazy”.

To the question about their feeling upon returning to his native Cuba and to appear in it of a stage said, “I could have word, but I think that the Spanish or any language has the words designed to express the emotions really. Then I what I would say is when you see the disk, I think that the perception is subjective, so when people see and hear will be able to interpret the energy that is showing that disk”.

He also spoke about the tour to start that will perform with Pablo Milanés, who will also be performing in Marbella, Spain, 22 July. The cuban of 61 years, naturalized mexican, said he shared a little bit about the plans of a movie which tentatively could carry the name of “Ay Amor”.

“It is a film that touches on a little bit with my life, but you have other situations that I do not have past, is of all the passions urban, has something of a comedy, this film is a challenge for me, let’s see if Vinicio Del Toro and Robert de Niro”.


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