In times of crisis, the Marketing is more relevant – Informate Salta

Generally, small companies do not give value to the marketing and are dedicated to conduct their business in the traditional way, without thinking that with the technological possibilities available, there are resources and actions of online marketing, at very low cost. You just need to think, be creative and get to work. This is especially important for a small business, and in the current context of crisis which we live.

SMES in general, need of online marketing and all means available to become well-known, promote themselves, sell their products, to differentiate themselves from the competition, and ultimately, grow your business.

For this reason there is to think about how we are going to be present in the search Engines (mostly Google), social networks (Facebook, Instagram), on You Tube, without leaving of side the E-Mail, a very powerful tool to reach people.

These and other aspects are important when developing a plan that must necessarily contemplate a strategy of online marketing.

Depending on the market segment, the product or service, you should assess what Internet marketing strategies to use to minimize efforts and aim at success.

There are five key areas of digital marketing that are, or should be, of interest to the entire company. In general, we identify five areas that need to be taken into account in a plan of marketing on line:

  1. Search engine Marketing

This gives you the opportunity to compete with larger companies by being visible in the search engines, which is where people seeking information on products and services, compare prices, and alternatives. It is very important that your business or product to have a good place in the search results.

  1. Search Marketing Local

The SEO optimization of the web site, which is a set of techniques that serve to position a web page in a natural way in Google through the selection of the key words, you must integrate a search engine maps. With Google a business will appear geo-positioned with information such as the addresses, telephone numbers and hours of operation, giving the possibility that a potential client is to find the local.

  1. Marketing Content

Is to generate information of value about the product or service. It has the advantage that it is not a question of advertising has more acceptance by the public. If people know of a brand or product through a news article, or information on a website or a blog, or even read recommendations from other people, will attribute greater credibility to the same.

  1. Social Media Marketing – social networks

While it may be difficult for the Sme and not all can afford a Community Manager, who is the professional responsible for building, managing and administering the online community around a brand on the Internet, it is important to consult at least one Social media expert, or seek advice when drawing up a specific plan. This will prevent mistakes and save time and money.

  1. E-Mail Marketing

This form of marketing is critical for a small business. With the E-Mail marketing, is developing a list of customers and potential. This list of contacts with your e-mail address is the database of people interested in your service.

Having that list is critical to online success, but it is necessary to know some aspects to avoid being considered SPAM, intrusive and generate an opposite effect. For sending mass mails, there are platforms very useful to make your work easier, are more efficient and all at a very low cost.


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