The full video of Charlotte and Alexander in “Caniggia free” –

The brothers Caniggia presented the compiled final for his reality show.

alexander caniggia

Next Monday, September 18, Alexander and Charlotte Caniggia come to the screen der MTV with his reality show “Caniggia Free”. A little less than a month, the brothers had released a preview of the images that were going to be able to be seen in the show.

“Charlotte, champagne, choripán”, expresses the song that this Friday was shared in its entirety by the Caniggia. “From Marbella to b, so is our life. Charlotte is a diva and I am here, I am the king”, sings Alexander to the time that assures “I was born pa’ to the TV, was born pal’ reggaeton”.

The reality show will have 18 episodes, and as you can see, verges on the bizarre.