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Javier Sanchez was presented last Monday in the courts of the city of Valencia to file a claim of paternity with the singer Julio Iglesias.

As evidence, Sanchez, now 40 years, he presented a DNA test which shows, according to him with a reliability of 99.9%, its kinship with the singer, after two detectives to collect samples of 15 objects obtained in Miami.

“I have a message for July. It is important for you to know that we will not keep any grudge.» said Sanchez in front of the press that was held at the gates of the court, «I am a person that I have capacity to forgive and there is still time to rectify this lie. We already have the proof. I think that it is time to take a step forward”, he added.

Of course the son of Julio Iglesias who sought his DNA in the trash will require the singer to recognize it

Sanchez, the son of a exbailarina Portuguese, he said he had also decided to proceed with this inquiry by his mother and after learning that a law firm had successfully brought a case similar to yours.

“In all the time she told the truth. He has been labeled many things, that I have been hurt. That thorn had stuck. I wanted to make this gift to her, she deserves it and is the time,” he explained.

In the nineties, his mother had been trying to prove in the courts that her son was the product of an extramarital affair with the singer (while he was married to Elizabeth Priesley) but his claim was dismissed by a formal question.

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«In this kind of trials what it’s worth, the most important test, is the scientific, genetic, and against this test a few means of proof there is. In this case, the percentage of compatibility is very high, and if you provide a demand, it is precisely because we are convinced that genetically he is the son of Julio Iglesias» explained the attorney of Sanchez, Fernando Osuna.


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