The success is in the persistence –

After their conquests in the past Olympics National, Marbella Aceves is the tenismesista number one in its category

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (15/JUL/2017).- It is one of the athletes of Jalisco that more medals provided in the recently completed National Olympiad, where the team is Blue and Gold rose with the title 18 consecutively. Marbella Aceves dominates widely the discipline of table tennis, but it has not been easy to get where he is. The key to success has been perseverance, of knowing a player who was not good enough to be today a great athlete who dreams of great things.

“The persistence in the sport has been the key, for the same reason that I did not started being a talent, it was the worst and after I was rising up to be one of the more provides medals to Jalisco,” said Marbella.

With only 14 years of age, Marbella has seven years of practicing table tennis; almost half of his life has been dedicated to the sport. Has played this discipline in a National Olympiad in three consecutive years, however the editing of 2017 has been the best, already proclaimed as a champion of the discipline, by adding three gold medals and a silver.

“I’ve been to three Olympics, counting this one, in the three I’ve gotten in the first four places. In the first not won any gold, and in the second it was my easy year, however I was not champion, I won three gold medals and a silver and this year I went back to win three golds and a silver, but this time with the individual in my favor, so now yes I was a champion”, followed Marbella boasting their awards and a small medal in the neck with a mini table tennis racket.

—Why you liked the table tennis?

—I really liked what it was hearing the ball go from one side to the other, listening to the tinkling, looked very father, and I wanted to try and turned out. Despite the fact that not many people know my sport, good to know it’s more like ping-pong and some see it more as a ‘hobby’, but the truth I take it very seriously and when my companions, when we do not have classes, because they want to play, we provide the rackets and all, but I do follow a lot of rules and although I say that ‘we are only playing’, it matters not to me, I take it very seriously.”

—How is the support of your family?

—“My mom has always supported me a lot, once said to me, ‘to get you I’m going to have to sell your soul to the devil’, but he has supported me a lot.”

—What is your daily routine for training?

—I get up before 6:00 in the morning, we came from Zapotlanejo, to train at 7:30 in the morning, I stay until 10:30 in the morning, training in the Code, Mayor, term of training 4:00 in the afternoon, my brothers also train here, we leave at 7:00 or sometimes 8:00 in the evening. Study in the Code”.

—Do you have the side to let to a side to your friends?

—I remember when I was invited to study at the school of the Code. Didn’t cost me much to leave to my colleagues in Zapotlanejo, but in a matter of friends, I do have quite a few, but with that yes I am much more intimate, with people of another state of Querétaro, and as well in competitions we took her, we talked, they tend to be of my same teams at the international championships”.

Ping pong or table tennis

Apart from that the table tennis is the official name of the sport and ping pong is a popular name for the game, the difference in table tennis and ping pong is only the nickname. The name tennis derives from the sound the ball makes when it is in the game.

Both names appear under the ITTF (for its acronym in English, International Federation of Table Tennis) in Lausanne, Switzerland, along with another nickname, “wiff waff.”


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