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“Content marketing is a marketing technique in which you create educational information or value for consumers in order to achieve that end knowing a trademark from such data,” said Juan Carlos Samper, who on the 21st of October will be the keynote speaker at Congress Digital Megamedia, presented by Subaru.

The exhibitor, of colombian origin, will impart the conference “Content Marketing: create experiences,” in which, according to the details, those attending will understand how it works the marketing content and you will learn each of the steps to developing a digital strategy from the generation of information.

On the internet you can create content through various formats, such as, for example, publications and a website or blog; as well as videos documents that can be shared online. Even the publications in the accounts of social networks include content that is generated in a strategic manner will attract the target market of a brand.

Information of value

According to Samper, the information attractive does that people can get to a web site. For example, usage tips, or benefits to those who purchase certain product: “through content I achievement you engage people, you must create articles that represent value to users and can be applied to any type of company, from the tiny to the giant.”

“Among the advantages of this technique is that the cost per client can be 99% lower than with traditional advertising and the cost of a ‘lead’ (some type of contact the customer makes with the brand) can get to be 62% cheaper than with traditional advertising. This also helps the positioning of the trademark, since the internet search engines give importance to sites that have original content of value”, explains the interviewee.

For a content strategy to be successful, Samper considers that those who believe it should be specialists, and in the case of the internet, they must master positioning techniques (SEO) as may otherwise be null and void the efforts. In addition, you must generate quality content and have a marketing team capable of managing the strategy.

The presenter, creator of the platform “We Are Content” through which companies various can contact with generators of information and to make requests “ to the extent”, adding that the contents are a very important part of a strategy; however, it adds that this should be complemented with advertising both online and offline, to ensure greater accomplishments in less time.

“The big difference between traditional advertising and the marketing of content is that the first is an expense, and the second is an active, since every time that a customer find the information related with the product, you will be able to know something about the brand to which it is linked,” he says.

The Congress venue will be the headquarters of the Coparmex Mérida. Reports on the web site:

Tickets now on sale

Tickets for the Congress Digital Megamedia are already on sale in the Centers Megamedia and Country Center (Diario de Yucatan).


Pre-order the price of the ticket is 350 pesos. The day of the event will be 400.

Most reports

You can request information on the page in Facebook of Dyred Digital Marketing, drive digital business, Grupo Megamedia, which coordinates the event, organized by Dynamics, another of the units of the corporation, specialized in the realization of events.


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