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Online commerce, the sector that is growing most vigorously. The website positioning essential to compete in the network

There are many things that are changing in the second decade of this new millennium. Among them, the society has lost the fear to buy online.

Online commerce, the sector that is growing most vigorously. The positioning ... - Chronic Digital 1 Online commerce, the sector that is growing most vigorously. The positioning ... - Chronic Digital 2 Online commerce, the sector that is growing most vigorously. The positioning ... - Chronic Digital 3 Online commerce, the sector that is growing most vigorously. The positioning ... - Chronic Digital 4 Online commerce, the sector that is growing most vigorously. The positioning ... - Chronic Digital 5

The distrust that it created only a couple of years this kind of economic transactions has been disappearing gradually, which has significantly increased the e-commerce, and as shown by the data of 2017, especially the ones picked up by the last report of the Economic and Social Council (CES).

The growth of the billing of e-commerce in Spain in 2016 was of 23.3% with respect to the 2015. This time it grazed the 22,000 million euros. 70% of internet users in Spain shop online. A third of the population in Spain made their purchases through the Internet. 40% of spaniards purchase over the Internet in the normal way (all the months). Spain is the fourth country of the European Union in the ranking of sales online. It will only surpass the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The average annual expenditure in 2016 was of more than 1,400 euros per person. The evolution of the volume of purchases in the sector of commerce played a decade: the e commerce has had ten years of continued growth.

Since 2007, and despite the economic crisis, the evolution is significant: they have tripled the online sales. Almost 90% of online retailers surveyed (over 20,000) of the expected growth in its results in 2017. In addition, 63% of e-commerce in Spain estimated that the sales growth will be above 10%, according to the report Evolution and Prospects eCommerce 2017

These fabulous data encourage to invest in the trade online, in involved in some way in one of the few productive sectors that does not decay, but instead grows every year and it is expected this continuity, as we say, in spite of the crisis.

When you enter in the networks with our own online store, we believe, mistakenly, that we don’t have anything to do competing against large traditional businesses that are already installed on the internet. We amedrentamos to the major brands, and we think that we spend our time and our money to fight in the same sector. But this is not so. On the internet the struggle for a piece of the pie is much more democratic and will depend in a large part of the web positioning is achieved, that is to say, the position that they occupy in the results of a related search in the search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! Search.

In the hands of the best professional SEO

Indeed, the democratization that the networks offer any business online, it allows a good positioning in the results lists of the search engines. And this is going to depend on the professional to organize and carry out a proper strategy of online marketing. From here we recommend that you trust your website positioning in Chubut, because they have all the knowledge and the most efficient way to use them to generate more customers to get the best position possible in Google, the search engine of reference to be the most used by the online community.

Out of Oreste is the professional that is behind the agency Chubut and thoroughly know the different techniques of Online Marketing that can be used to improve the seo of an online store or a simple blog. You know better than anyone else the ways of application of techniques and tools to improve the SEO of any page, or shop online.

Techniques such as those applied in the SEO onpage to stimulate demand, because it is that which creates a space that takes into account the user experience and that it is suitable for the robot of Google explore it properly to index each content. Optimizing texts for key words that you want to position, we review the urls to be friendly, the bound internal to the different pages of the site, or even analyzing the site speed and the weight of the images, in addition to many other factors that affect the positioning and that have to do with the internal face of the “site”), which are going to seek excellent results by getting the Google bot what position and the visitor find what they are looking for with ease.

In the same way, the factor of positioning, known as SEO offpage, has important consequences on the positioning, and that is that Google believes that the more links you get a web site, the more important it is. And if those links come from sites of authority, more still. Facundo Oreste is an expert of recognized national prestige, increase visitation of their customers using the linkbuilding, which is the technique from which the professional in Online Marketing will get more and better inbound links (backlinks) to the site of your client. Thanks to your agency website positioning, you can do so through exchanges with other bloggers, and SEO professionals, or getting links on web sites accessible free of charge.

Last, but not least, for the web positioning, and therefore to generate more sales, you need to know the mechanisms of SEO natural, which are all those actions recommended by Google itself. The basic idea would be to give the user just the information you need or that solves their need. Looking for a content that meets the needs of the user and that is good enough to be shared and linked by other web pages in a natural way.

To position an online store to gain visibility and increase sales, it is not so easy. It’s always best to invest in professional SEO that know what they are doing, to avoid possible penalties from Google and not take too much time to reach the first positions of the lists of search results.

It relies, therefore, on professionals of proven efficiency such as Out of Oreste, who, in proof of its efficiency, you will constantly reporting and analysis of the results of the strategy implemented. With the assurance that these reports are going to have an evolution always positive, you’ll make visits, and therefore benefits little time to engage their services. Guaranteed.






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