“The coupling of human-wildlife yes it is possible” – The Peruvian


Susana Mendoza Sheen


That morning he was told to Maria Elena del Pilar Coronado Tepo that a penguin stranded on beach Marbella, defined his professional passion. ‘Piwi’, as I called him the baby of the species Humboldt came to his life, he received all the motherly love that a young woman of 23 years can be a be fragile. For a year they established a relationship that many left speechless. The small died, never knew the reasons, but thanks to that experience today is a ranger that protects the small birds in memory of your little baby.

Pillar, as you know, just completed two years in the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp). Performs the functions of surveillance and control of sea lions, Humboldt penguins and guano birds to avoid that fishermen or tourists thugs from entering the islands of Palomino and Cavinzas, inhabited by these species.

She takes care that the vessels not authorized for fishermen and tourists arriving to the shores, and that the authorized to respect the distances established to get closer to the islands, as animals are very sensitive to noise and to the presence of people. The boats that have permission to arrive with tourists who sometimes altered, for example, the sea lions.

“At the beginning it was difficult to perform these tasks because for years the operators of tourism came when they wanted and as they wanted to. There was No order, but with a lot of dedication and information, and we instruct each one of them about the need to protect those animals, especially the Humboldt penguins that were on the verge of extinction”

Your work center is in The Tip, 15 miles of that little world of mammals and birds which grouped with the freedom without any human presence. It, account, it does not go up to the islands. In each patrol that done, turn off your engine before getting to firm ground. He has learned to respect the quiet of the animal life that has to his charge.

Environmental education

This young ranger of 28 years working in the National Reserve System of Islands, Islets and Tips Guano, which belongs to the Sernanp, take care that the artisanal fishermen or divers not depreden the marine fauna settled at that point in Callao. That’s also why we educate the population on environmental issues and organizes recreational activities for the children.

“My work of control and surveillance goes beyond. Sometimes I assemble puppets to teach children the love for the animals. And other, I take advantage of my visit to the islands to hand out materials to tourists. I love to instruct, to explain to people that the sea lions are social and the Humboldt penguins and shy, but kind.”

Maria Elena del Pilar wants to get to know this place so close to Lima, about 45 minutes by boat. It is a desire that inspires the 24 hours, he said. Left in silence. Surely, because it gives him a secret tribute to his ‘Piwi’, to the tender moments that she shared with him, his squawks every time I heard her arrive, these days, thanks to which, today, has the certainty that the binomial human-wildlife exists; it is only a matter of being part of it.

Leaf of life

I am Technical Management of Hospitality and Tourism, consists in the instituto Inteci (2010-2014).

I studied a Diploma in Conservation of Natural Reserves in the National University Pedro Ruiz Gallo in Trujillo (2015).

I did a course of scuba diving Openwater, certified by PADI, the international organization that certifies divers.


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