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The boom of SEO and its importance to the enterprise level / ENTORNOINTELIGENTE.COM / The evolution of technology and the massive use of the Internet to resolve issues of different areas of life has been quite a revolution in the business world. Now, more than ever, it is essential for a company to be present in the territory, online with the goal of increasing their rate of new customers and improve its brand image.

To achieve this, it enters in game the strategy of Digital Marketing and, within this, has made strong the SEO or web positioning.

Why SEO is the king of the territory online?

Wonder how it works Google to order the results that are displayed when a user runs a search order is of vital importance to understand the phenomenon of SEO that we are living at a global level.

There is an algorithm of Google and a spider represented in the form of a bot that parses millimeter by millimeter each web page present in the territory online. The position assigned to search for a given word is assigned to each one of them depending on a number of factors included in this algorithm.

As well, the knowledge and study of all those factors which Google takes into account to order your ranking results are what you have in mind any seo professional or agency of the marketing that is dedicated to position projects for their clients.

No matter whether you are an entrepreneur or the owner of a company and also no matter if your business is small, medium or large because, with the realization of a good SEO, it is possible to place your website in the Top 1 of Google for a keyword related to your products or services.

What does it mean to be in Top 1?

Very simple. When a user performs a search in Google and this shows you a list of related results, the user tends to click the first three results and the probability of purchase in one of these results is very high. Much higher than the probability that none of those results will be worth and keep looking in the subsequent results.

How to reach the Top 1 of Google?

The SEO has become a discipline that is outstanding when it comes to investing in Digital Marketing. And it is that, today, appear in the top results of the search engine is the desire of thousands of ecuadorian companies, and there are only two ways to achieve this: learning SEO or hiring the services of an seo agency.

In fact, if you search in Google for the terms «seo agency Ecuador» or «web positioning Ecuador», you will notice the competition that exists between the hundreds of agencies that specialize in seo that exist today. Although, it should be said, not all offer the same experience and quality of service.

Group EcuaLink is one of the Marketing agencies that takes more time dedicating themselves to the world of SEO and the business image on the Internet and that confirms that, indeed, there is a growing interest of companies in the website positioning.

The fact that it is possible to buy online at cheap prices is an incentive more than enough for millions of users go to Google to perform their searches for later shopping.

Therefore, having knowledge about the user behavior online, analyze where you click and where not to, how much time remains on a page and try to understand why you leave a website without making a purchase are essential factors for improving the user experience and, of course, the SEO.

The latter would explain why it has been extended to the labour market. And is that, such is the demand for professionals with seo in Google, the Marketing agencies do not stop throwing job offers that require SEO professionals.

This would also explain the rise of the courses SEO Ecuador that has occurred in recent years in Ecuador. Courses face-to-face and online courses that aim to train young people interested in the workings of Google and in the Digital Marketing and wanting to forge a career in this field.

In short, to position in Google and appear in the top positions has become a growing trend within the corporate world and freelance professionals. But the positioning in Google requires detailed knowledge about the algorithm that sorts results on the basis of a lot of different factors that, in addition, they change and evolve in function of the behavior-changing online consumer.


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