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The value of the semesters of university courses continues to grow disproportionately, however having a diploma is no longer the same than before, because now the professionals earn less than a few years ago. In addition, there is a lot of frustration in the salary expectations of people that they were able to finish a college career, that is not fair if one considers that the majority of graduates completed their studies with merit, either because they are indebted, they managed to get any scholarships.

Due to the amount of professionals there, so to make the difference it is necessary to re-invest in education by doing a postgraduate degree, which implies a return to borrow, or to learn a second language. That is why, more and more people try to quit their jobs and embark in business, unfortunately not all succeed or fail to solve the needs of revenue in the first few months.

Not only the world of employees has changed, with the advent of the massification of the internet, many businesses have had to evolve to not go away, the newspapers now read more on the internet than in printed form, the addresses, and transportation services are done through the applications that makes them faster and more effective. While being a professional ceased to be as lucrative as before, the digital market is slowing more and more, proof of this is that the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg , is the fifth richest person in the world, according to Forbes, he is above many moguls of the oil or of the construction.

The good thing about digital skills is that most can be learned empirically, you do not need a professor with a doctorate that chair in an expensive university in order to acquire them. You have two options you can take if you decide to encouraged to learn more knowledge to get a job, remember that you can also be a good option if you studied a career that I liked but at the time of work, he realized that it was not his own.

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Digital Marketing

When talking about digital marketing is not just a business to open accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as there is a structured process for return to a successful brand.

The information has always been valuable in any business, institution or government, and even has been a long-range weapon when there have been wars. The difference is that with social networks and other records, have all left traces of our data, which can be used by companies to reach more easily the customers and improve their income.

To be successful in digital marketing you have to have a great capacity of observation and analysis, because as in the economy trends are constantly changing. In the companies that are responsible for analyzing data and are the most successful, it is common to have a large team of staff at the highest level following these trends, since the hearings are under study at each time point, there is nothing defined, as they are always changing and you have to be fast to understand where you are going.

As a way of entering in this world, is to begin to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which are techniques of positioning for the web pages to appear first in the search engines, this way the business will have advantages over their competitors. There are people who have learned this without studying digital marketing, as is the case of Jorge Jaramillo who learned on their own and now is the head of SEO in Publications per Week, in addition to being bloggero and expert in digital strategy “Can have a diploma, but the experience gives the performance, not the cardboard.” says Jorge .

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In the past, to create a simple code was required for a very big team and of many hours, and now the tools have made the process more simple, there are many programming languages with various levels of difficulty, you no longer need to be a systems engineer, to be able to overpower them.

Julian Mendez is a biomedical engineer who learned programming on their own, and currently works as a programmer and not as an engineer, he argues that there are many tutorials available on the internet and that anyone is able to learn, “I set the challenge of making a web page, and I looked at what languages served, with the internet there are a lot of tutorial,” he says of his beginnings.

If it all sounds the idea of programming, Julian recommended that you start with the Javascript language “there are quite a few possibilities to get a job, obviously you need experience, but it is not complicated to start programming with Javascript,” says Julian.

Although when you search in Google “Learn to program”, will leave millions of options, there are better courses and tutorials than others, as with everything in life, this is why we recommend options that are practical and in which thousands of people have learned.

In English it is a project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, offers various undergraduate courses of all types, including these I was able to find some dedicated to learn about various programming languages, keep in mind that some courses are low-cost and others free. is a specialized portal of programming, like edx offers courses payments, and other free, has a comfortable design for the view, so you spend hours on the page will not be an experience torturous.

In Spanish is a project of Microsoft in partnership with another free portal that is in Spanish, on the page you can begin to learn by doing from an hour to a week, and even the possibility of access to conferences on the subject

Codeacademy: if you ask a programmer where you can learn code, it is most likely that in your first response direct you to this portal. The learning is free and offers all kinds of languages such as HTML, Rails, Ruby, Sass , among many others.

If the learning seems tedious at first, we recommend that you do not give up and that many have achieved, there are even children of 11 years of programming in the market.

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