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There are many business physicists who have decided to jump into the digital terrain in the last few years, and also there are many new entrepreneurs that launch a business online with the hope to succeed and live of the income from their web page. Today this is possible with the help of professionals such as those found in Bitxel, a digital agency young, but that has crossed borders.

Bitxel is dedicated to the design of web pages in bogota, but also at the international level. Indeed, it has a team of experts in web design in Bogota, Colombia and several countries.

Among its services is also the positioning in search engines, an area of Digital Marketing focused to get to appear in the first positions of Google to attract more customers towards a company with online presence or web page. The success of this SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) is due to the importance of visibility for the business because it is not enough to have a website but that should appear in the first positions of Google results.

Professional web design, the first piece of the online success

There are many web design professionals, but there are also those known as “non-professional”. A lot of people with basic notions of design are dedicated to offering services of web design in Colombia, and companies such as Bitxel emphasize the importance of not falling into their networks if you want a professional design. In the end, web design is the first thing the user sees when he arrives at a web page and for a very good SEO that is right and very good positions in the ranking of Google results, whether to come to your page and the design is not optimized nor adapted to the experience of the user, the user probably will abandon the web and will look for another similar (your competition)

That’s why, if you really want a web design Colombia sufficiently professional to capture the attention of the user to reach and achieve keep it going the most time on page, and even get the sale of the product or service of the company, then there will be worth it to contact with Bitxel. They are experts in the development of one of the most popular cms in the digital environment: WordPress.

In addition, develop custom plugins so that the client company can be sure you will get the best designers and programmers in WordPress is concerned. But not only that. In Bitxel are experts in other cms like Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, etc

The key is to have an idea of brand image and the emotions you want to convey to the users that arrive to the web page and that is achieved through the logo, colors, and, of course, the web design.

Web positioning: traffic and brand image for the company

For that users arrive to the page of the company it is necessary to know how to attract web traffic and web positioning is one of the disciplines with which it is possible to accomplish this in an organic way, without making periodic payments for advertising.

Having your corporate website in the top results of Google will have more opportunity to get potential customers interested in your brand or business.

And it is precisely this power that has the positioning web has made companies like Bitxel to succeed in the sector. Because yes, there are those that say that Bitxel Digital Agency is a digital marketing agency in Colombia that is an expert in seo and that is directed by one of the best experts on the subject: their manager Oscar Leguizamón, who has directed several digital agencies to bring them up to the top.

What, then, is important to the professional web design and web positioning to succeed on the Internet with a web page? Yes, absolutely yes. Any company that wants to launch into the territory of online to expand your list of clients or to publicize your brand, your products or services, you need a strategy of Marketing Digital. And it is precisely that strategy is that it must include the guidelines to make a web design focused on objectives of a brand and a website positioning that is able to position the company above its competitors to capture more organic traffic qualified from Google.

Today, unlike what happened a few years ago, it is not possible to position a website in the top results of Google without doing a good SEO. For very good content that is provided to the network of networks, if that content is not visited by anyone, if no one comments on it, if no one reviews or links, it will be impossible to make popular and reach the best positions of the seeker, which are the ones that really bring the web traffic qualified. Hence, SEO has become in the area of online marketing more in demand by companies of any country in the world.

If the design kit web + seo add content writing optimized then we have that your company can become the most powerful in the sector-level of online presence prominent. Do we start to succeed right now?


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