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Norma Rivera, mother of engineer missing Shirley Villanueva, do not lose hope of finding his corpse. Have news of your location is the most precious gift that craves for the Mother’s Day.

Yesterday, the lady and her family began the search in the wetlands of the Pantanos de Villa in Chorrillos. They used wooden sticks with hooks on the ends to dig in the lagoon. They had information that possibly Shirley did not disappear on the beach Marbella of the Costa Verde, as they say their “friends”, but that could be in Pantanos de Villa.

“We were told that many bodies are thrown into the swamps. This is the perfect place to hide a body, that’s why we are looking for here”, mom said.

The familial search will continue today and the next few weekends. “On Mother’s Day we are also going to come looking for it. Why I did this to my little girl. Why I took it from!”, exclaimed the grieving mother.

He added that it does not have much to celebrate. “The three of us (involved) do your normal life. I have never called, nor given the face. In return, my life is a torture. I’m dead in life”, he said.

INVOLVED. This week will be the display of the images of the security cameras where the involved Joseph Estefan Velásquez Fernández, Edgar Pozo Valverde and Brayan Steve Sands to corroborate her version as to the times in which they were with the young man.

“We have the hypothesis that Joseph would be the material author and the other two accomplices”, stressed the lawyer Rooney Cahuayme.

The Prosecutor’s office agreed to investigate for eight offences to the three involved. According to Cahuayme, among others, it is the omission of relief, misrepresentation and denunciation, femicide, exhibition person to danger and abduction. “We believe that Shirley was held against her will by the three involved”, said the lawyer.


Norma Rivera barely has time to cry because it seeks to Shirley and see that justice is done.

Mom of engineer missing runs through the swamps of villa

6 hours had “friends” to pass away the body of Shirley Villanueva, according to attorney Rooney Cahuayme.

The family of Shirley Villanueva requested from the Tuesday to the Prosecutor’s office of Magdalena to have the Police Canine to search for the remains in The wetland.

Family members help with the hope of finding something.


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