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The lack of police presence and of strategies to combat insecurity remains a concern to the population, which fears to go out to the streets and demands response on the part of the authorities.

Just this week, residents of the 14 communities in the district of La Chorrera, they closed the bridge over the river Caimito in protest against the crime.

Those affected claimed by the little police presence and patrols, to new forms of crime that involve introducing chemicals through the windows of their homes, adormecerlos and steal their belongings.

Also last Wednesday, a woman of 32 years was stripped of his pickup truck for two offenders in the Santa Ana area.

The fact occurred in the vicinity of Plaza Amador, in the township of Santa Anna, provoked a strong operating in order to give with the car. However, not managed to find the truck.

Although this may not be the only case in which it fails to capture the criminals, because yesterday in the sector of Chepo, the police scuffled with a group of drug traffickers that are stripped of packages of alleged drugs, which escaped after seeing a roadblock of police.

This type of acts is joined by another series of robberies, which the police authorities have struggled to stop the criminals.

Earlier this year, judge twelfth circuit criminal of Panama, convicted of a robbery in the restaurant Bredos to three subjects, after having committed robberies at various establishments.

The judge issued judgment after proving that the men entered the restaurant Bredos, located in Marbella, and by means of violence, with the use of bladed weapons and fire, stripped of their belongings to customers and employees, in addition to taking the cash from the cash register of the local.

Although it was not the first time, so it was named the «band gourmet», after having devoted himself to organizing robberies in different locations and for several months.

This would be only one of the cases in which there has been robberies in shopping centers, what has activated the alarm of citizens and led to economic losses for companies, by the fear of the people to leave their homes during the night.

Before this, Alejandro Pérez, a lawyer and exviceministro of Government, pointed out that the Government has not been able to devise an effective plan against insecurity. «We need to strengthen Public prosecutor’s office and bodies of security. If this does not solve the crime, this is repeated».

Also the former director of the National Police Ebrahim Asvat said that there is a «perception that is associated with the expectation of the population of the levels of safety».

Even this fear is compounded after learning of cases in which the crime has claimed the lives of innocent people.

The past weekend took place the murder of Jhonny Chaverra Garcia, who was the owner of the bar and disco Wassup, located on calle 48 and Calle Uruguay.



The director of the National Police, Omar Pinzon, committed with the capture of Gilberto Ventura Ceballos, a fugitive since last December and charged with the kidnapping and murder of five young people in La Chorrera.


Representatives of the Government ensured that by the year 2019, Panama will be one of the safest countries.


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