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There is No day that I do not have a theft on avenida Santander, sector Marbella, where there is a permanent hotel activity led by the Hotel Bellavista, with more than sixty years providing a service internationally recognized for its family friendly environment with studio type rooms, under the branches of dense trees, planted in cemented patios of sea breezes.

In the building of republican who looks at Playa Chica, with capacity for a hundred and fifty people, a mix of european culture and north american with the national one so close and kind, stimulated by the siblings and owners, Henry and Monique Sedó, and the administrator Adriana Di Bello, who are the parent hosts of this warm hostel cheap, unique in the city of Cartagena, whose peace he feels compromised by events that have also affected some of their guests while touring the surrounding area.

You can’t get out to walk, I said a French student, after telling me how she was stripped violently of your belongings arriving at the Cabrero. Like her, many residents of the sector have been raided by motor.

I myself was a witness of the theft that violent that she was a victim few days ago, when I was walking along the sidewalk, another young canadian sex tourist, without imagining that a few days ago my own sister would suffer the same fate in the immediate vicinity of the offices of the Administrative Department of Traffic and Transportation, DATT.

Carperos and lifeguards complain about the lack of surveillance on the beaches, also beset by the action delinquency frequent. We need the police to keep in mind that these beaches are visited and people are afraid to come in by the menacing presence of muggers and thieves, I am told by a worker in the sector.

Any time is dangerous to come out, says the inhabitant of a residential building and asks the city administration to deal with this scourge that grows without immediate attention. The bikes and their barbecues are the terror of pedestrians because usually in these vehicles is that they commit the robberies.

I came to Cartagena because I was told that it was the best site in the Caribbean, I said a spaniard who got to see a robbery at eleven in the morning while a taxi was moving from the airport to your hotel.

It is a bad hosting, adds, and refers to the negative impact to the tourism activity. And he’s right. The security should be guaranteed to visitors and to themselves. The community claims its right to protect his life and property.

In Marbella there are that turn on the alarms before that the cases continue to multiply without restraint, and occurrences that are detrimental to human lives and the measures taken are futile reaction and not of effective prevention.


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